Sunday, August 31, 2008


In the time of your life, live - so that in that wondrous time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but shall smile to the infinite variety and mystery of it.
William Saroyan (b. 31 august 1908 - 1981), novelist, playwright & short story writer

hard to believe that psychologically speaking this is the last weekend of summer. for me this summer has broken some type of record in the ol' time-space continuum! however, as I look at our calendar for the month of september, I find that it is packed with a fair amount of wanders and diversions. maybe I shouldn't buy into that whole social construction that labor day weekend marks the 'end of summer'....

yesterday coffee and I were on the same wavelength when it came to our musical artist.....isn't synchroncity bizarre! speaking of wavelength, today is the birthday of irish bard and troubadour van morrison.

the top photo is the reflecting pool near the cleveland museum of art. the cleveland museum of art is currently undergoing a massive renovation and expansion. earlier this summer the original 1916 building reopened and it is spectacular - the bottom photo is a peek into one of the rooms in the newly renovated building.

p.s. while looking for a pic to illustrate the next theme thursday - communication - I discovered this wonderful blog - old picture of the day. I love old photos and how looking at them gives us an opportunity to engage in a bit of armchair time travel. there's that time-space continuum thing again! I'm adding the link to the mouse's blogroll seems like it will be a fun place to visit.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

everything reminds me of my dog

I don't have a dog - but I have a 'granddog' - plus, I really enjoy hanging out and playing with my dog friends. the cats here on avenue c have told me in no uncertain terms that they are really opposed to the idea of a dog sharing our space 24/7 - they don't mind dogs visiting as long as they are well behaved.

anyway about this photo, at one point dixie was sitting right behind george-the-gargoyle and was mimicking the pose, by the time I grabbed my camera and came around dixie got up. I thought it was a sweet portrait none-the-less of the three guardians of the front porch.

hope everyone is enjoying the last dog days of summer..... (unless you are in the southern hemisphere, then I hope you are enjoying the last (bear?) days of winter.....)

issa's (the artist formerly known as jane siberry) boppy sweet song everything reminds me of my dog:

Friday, August 29, 2008


They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But, man, there's no boundary line to art.
charlie parker (b. 29 august 1920 - d. 1955) saxophonist and composer

after four nights of being glued to the tube watching the democratic national convention, I'm experiencing some odd type of television hangover this morning. we had a few friends over last night in order to watch obama's speech and to make a real celebration of the historical event. what a good idea that was! but maybe it's not a tv hangover I'm experiencing.....

up until last night I watched the convention on pbs - but last night we switched over and watched on c-span.... I'm a little disappointed that I hadn't watched on c-span all along. although I would have missed some good interviews that pbs conducted at various intervals during their coverage - I particularly enjoyed the interviews with michelle obama, walter mondale and jimmy carter. last night c-span aired these mini-speeches that were given by regular folk about why they were voting for obama and why it is so important for the country to have obama as our next president. these people's stories were powerful and reinforced the destructive nature of the bush administration on the everyday lives of ordinary americans over the last nearly eight years.

speaking of destruction today is the third anniversary of katrina. as we all know the storm's destructiveness was made so much worse by the bush administration. first of all, for five years the administration ignored warnings by experts that unless steps were taken to repair the crumbling infrastructure of the levee system in louisianna, incredible death and destruction would occur if the area was hit by a major storm. well, a major storm did hit and it's name was katrina. the levee system did exactly what the experts said it would do with the occurrence of a storm that size - it broke. after the storm, the bush administration response was so slow and incompetent it might have been funny in a keystone cops type of way, if the results weren't so tragic. have we learned from katrina? I sure hope so... with a new hurricane season bearing down on us, I expect a lot of us are holding our breathe, crossing our fingers, and praying that there will never again be another katrina....

and I cross my fingers and pray that never again will we have to withstand the storms of another administration like the one under president like gwb .... no to mcsame, whoops I mean mccain....go obama!

coleman (bean) hawkins and charlie (bird) parker sail through 'ballade' in a pitch corrected version (F).

photos: sax player as seen from atop the centre pompidou, paris; 'bird lives' sculpture by robert graham, kansas city, missouri

Thursday, August 28, 2008

watching the wheels

Im just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round

I really love to watch them roll

No longer riding on the merry-go-round

I just had to let it go

Ah, people asking questions lost in confusion

Well I tell them there's no problem, only solutions

Well they shake their heads and they look at me as if Ive lost my mind

I tell them there's no hurry

I'm just sitting here doing time

notes on photos:

I may be as smitten with wheels
as I am with wings.
or may be I'm like bill wood
and I take photos of everything!

some wheeling photos illustrating some of the lyrics to john's lovely song watching the wheels.
1) monks from namgyal monastery making a sand mandala which includes the wheel of life. cleveland, ohio
2) lady with wheeled shopping cart - wheels certainly make our lives easier! lakewood, oh
3) woman spinning, hale farm and village. bath, ohio
4) wagon wheels with bluebonnets. gruene, texas
5) the wheel of fortune tarot deck.
6) vw wheel art
7) woman giving her dog a ride - finding a solution! lakewood, ohio
8) e with classy classic at the crawford auto-aviation museum wrhs. cleveland, ohio
9) street friend outside of west side market. cleveland, oh

a video tribute to john lennon & his wheel song

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

never give up

last night I was walking home from my first visit to lakewood's only bookstore (I'm happy to report it's an independent bookstore!) and noticed a flag flying at half-mast. the sight of this flag in front of the roosevelt elementary school as the sun was setting brought back the shock and disbelief I felt last week up on learning the news that our much loved stephanie tubbs-jones had suffered from a catastropic brain aneurysm. stephanie died just a few weeks short of her 59th birthday - yet another example of the good dying young. what a tragic loss and such a tragedy for our city and our country.

I had the pleasure and good fortune to attend many events where stephanie spoke. not surprising, she was a tireless and passionate advocate for many of the causes and concerns that I feel strongly about - health care for all, protecting people against predators - whether these predators were lenders, adults preying on children, thugs carrying guns, systems which fail to count votes, or presidents who invade countries and wage war under false pretenses, to name just a couple of shared interests.

in 1998 stephanie was elected as the first african-american woman to the u.s. house of representatives from ohio. she was my representative for the first seven years of my time in cleveland - I was proud of stephanie and felt I had someone who truly represented my concerns and interests. (three years ago we moved to the west side; although I left stephanie's district I'm happy to be able to say I can still claim a representative who represents my interests. I now live in dennis kucinich's district.) I spoke with ms. tubbs-jones many times over the years even though I know she didn't know me from adam (or would it be eve?), I always felt she remembered meeting me before. she had remarkable charisma and an amazing ability to connect.

I was happy to hear hillary and others honoring stephanie during their speeches. I understand there was a more formal rememberance of stephanie given by the congressional black congress. unfortunately this took place before I tuned in...

I'll be glued to the tube watching the dnc tonight and tomorrow and thanks to a comment from reya the other day, we'll be having a little potluck gathering tomorrow. go obama!

august 27 is the birthday of the talented and beautiful yolanda adams. in honor of stephanie and since I'm thinking a great deal about the next two months and our upcoming obamanation - here's one of yolanda's inspiring gospel tunes, never give up:

Monday, August 25, 2008

peace, love, and understanding

A single rose can be my garden...a single friend, my world.
Leo Buscaglia (1924-1998) educator, writer, and advocate of love

tonight is the opening night for the democratic national convention (dnc). word has it that ted kennedy flew to denver last night in order to attend, but he is not scheduled to speak. however, conventions are always good for a few surprises, I hope ted will have the strength to make it up to the podium. even if kennedy doesn't talk, I look forward to seeing ken burns documentary on senator kennedy which will debut tonight during the dnc broadcast.

today is elvis costello's birthday - for curious cats elvis was born in london in 1954 and no his given name isn't elvis nor is it costello.

to celebrate elvis' birthday and with hopes that the activities in denver will set the stage so we can go from having a president who is an abomination to an obamanation, here's elvis and the attractions classic (what's so funny 'bout) peace, love and understanding in a creative collage of contemporary images:

photo: rose in the peggy rockefeller rose garden, nwbg. august 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

the cherry tree

You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.
Paul Coelho (b. 24 august 1947) brazilian lyricist and novelist

kt tunstall performing her breakaway hit the delightfully rocking and infectious song 'black horse and the cherry tree' - for which she said:
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" is inspired by old blues, Nashville psycho hillbillies & hazy memories. It tells the story of finding yourself lost on your path in life, and a choice has to be made. It's about gambling, fate, listening to your heart, and having the strength to fight the darkness that's always willing to carry you off.

photo: squirrel eating a cherry, new york botanical garden, august 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

summer breeze

yesterday I met up with gem, a friend who I came to know through this wonderful world of blogging. she moved to cleveland from chitown - trading living on the edge of one great lake for living on the edge of another great lake.

we had a lovely morning together. after checking out her charming apartment and meeting her cats we went on a brief wander in her neighborhood. earlier this month she and her husband moved to the shaker square neighborhood which as they are discovering is a great place to live as it has everything - including easy access to two train lines running to downtown cleveland.

since our time was limited our explorations were confined to just walking down larchmere - the expressed purpose was to have 'a cuppa.' I was interested in turning gem on to 'cafe limbo,' one of my favorite places to meet friends for lunch or brunch or just a cup of tea. obviously I haven't been there in a while; imagine my surprise when we walked in only to discover that cafe limbo is no longer! in fact, cafe limbo has been closed for a year. the new cafe has only been open for a brief time (which explains why we were the only people there beside the guy waiting on us). the official grand opening is scheduled for early september - think the place is now called vine and bean - although as of yet no vine as they have yet to get their liquor license, but are hopeful that come time for their grand opening they will. according the the young man who waited on us, cafe limbo closed because one day the chef just walked out! odd. very odd.

after our cuppa, we wandered down the street to pop in at loganberry books. I wanted to find another copy of this. loganberry has got to be one of the most attractive bookshops I've every been in - that is saying a lot for I have been in more bookshops than one can count! after my experience with cafe limbo I was a little afraid as to what I might discover. time has a way of marching on and it's probably been a year since I last visited. I'm happy to report all is alive and well. in fact the shop has a brand new bookshop cat - really still a kitten. his name is otis (seen in top photo) - I take the arrival of otis at loganberry's as a very good sign and a wonderful addition to their staff. the other day on the bookmouse I had a post about independent bookstores. since I didn't have any photos of loganberry books I failed to mention them. well I'm singing their praises now; I've even added the loganberry book blog to the bookmouse's blog roll. like the shop the blog is a lovely place to wander about in...

since I put up photos of otis, the bookstore cat and one of gem's cats I might as well add a photo of the other sweet cat I met yesterday afternoon. (oh, if you are interested in that funny collar that otis is wearing, you can read all about it on the loganberry book blog) boy was yesterday packed both with visiting several friends and playing with a lovely assortment of cats and dogs! jake the cat (below) is a real lovebug and makes a wonderful addition to cyn's household - and he's even color coordinated with cyn's dog jessica!

here entering the last week of august, the dog days of august have finally arrived to the north coast. yesterday it was hot and humid and today promises to be a repeat. whine. whine. but time has a way of marching on, before we know it the leaves will start to change, they will be falling.

since I'm fantasizing about cool breezes, here's a song that never fails to bring relief on a hot summer day - seals and croft's 1970s classic summer breeze.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

little wing

Well she's walking through the clouds

With a circus mind that's running round

Butterflies and zebras

And moonbeams and fairy tales
Thats all she ever thinks about

Riding with the wind.

When I'm sad, she comes to me

With a thousand smiles, she gives to me free

It's alright she says it's alright

Take anything you want from me, anything

Fly on little wing,
Yeah yeah, yeah, little wing

jimi hendrix's song little wing. I couldn't find a decent vid showing jimi performing the song. however the song quality in this vid is excellent and it has plenty of lovely stills of jimi.

in going through my photos it seems that I'm quite taken of all things winged- the sheer number of pictures of I have of things with wings is quite overwhelming. perhaps my fascination with wings is natural after all, look at my father and then there's the fact that I fell in love and married someone named wing (no, I did not change my name when I married)! least I go off on some wacky tangent I will simply conclude this post with a few notes on the photos above:
1) an airplane wing taken while doing something I like to do very much - traveling to someplace
2) a sculpture outside of the paris opéra
3) monarch butterfly, cleveland ohio
4) shel a few halloweens ago, dressed as tinkerbell holding my pet rat 'pip' (yes, I had a pet rat - in fact, I've had two pet rats over the years. no rats right now, just a mouse named notch and a houseful of cats)
5) seagull riding the wind, oregon
6) a monument in a paris cemetery
7) a wall statue over a doorway in the musée carnavalet, paris
8) stained glass in a paris church (I believe it is from the american church in paris)
9) wing of a dead hawk, virginia
10) ceiling inside the paris opéra

I think instead of paris being called the city of light it should be called the city of wings - has anyone else noticed how many winged things can be found gracing the museums, monuments and memorials of paris!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

new york, new york

weather-wise saturday was the most beautiful day of any day I can recall in the longest time. spending the day at the new york botanical garden (nybg) was about the most perfect thing we could have done! I give a heartfelt thanks to my nephew adrian for picking the location of our meeting. on friday morning on was checking my email and had an im from adrian stating "I hear you're going to be in nyc. we're coming to the city (from dc) in a few hours to meet friends for dinner. what do you have going on saturday?"

long story short, I im'd back and we set up a date to meet at the botanical garden the next day. neither adrian nor I knew that there is a henry moore exhibition going on at the nybg! in fact, it just happens to be: the largest outdoor exhibition of Henry Moore's sculpture ever presented in a single venue in the United States.

f & I planned to see adrian and andrea, meet their friends, spend a couple hours at the nybg and move on to some other wondrous new york attraction before it was time to have dinner and games with p&k. I have a special fondness for the work of henry moore so our two hour ramble in the garden turned out to be an all day affair. we started our garden tour at 2 pm and stayed well past the 6 pm closing time of the garden. what we discovered is since they have special events in the garden the 6 pm closing time really is for the special staffed attractions of the garden. another gift of saturday was the opportunity to meet and talk with an incredible artist named aaron rose. you know that adage we all heard from our parents while growing up about not talking to strangers? well, I say pfffft to that! I prefer will rogers take on strangers "A stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet."

back to mr. rose. I met aaron rose while we were in the conifer collection at moore's "three piece reclining figure:draped 1975" - here was this photographer with a most unusual set up of camera and tripod. after he finished capturing the image he was after, I took a couple pics of the piece and then went over to talk with him and ask him about his interesting camera. turns out he constructed the camera and he spoke a bit about his approach to photography and light. he mentioned that he has a project underway to capture the moore pieces in the garden at various times. he was fascinating. I did mentioned that I hope he publishes the pictures he takes of the moore sculptures as I'd be interested in seeing them; thus he said he has a book of work out and I could find it if I googled his name (I don't know if he said google). of course, when I got back to p&k's house I did google his name and this is what I discovered about mr. rose:
Virtually unknown, and working in isolation for years, Aaron Rose quietly slid into the attention of the photography community in 1997, when 5 of his prints were exhibited at the Whitney Biennial. A consummate craftsman, building his own cameras and mixing complex developers using exotic metals, Rose's vision of the world around him is remarkably unique. This first monograph is handsomely printed in quadratone and sure to be a welcome introduction to this elusive figure.
rose's book is still available with many used copies available. you can be sure I'll be adding a copy to my home library!

saturday evening we ate in; p prepared a most delicious dinner - fresh tuna and a wonderful spinach dish for which I must get the recipe. turns out k ate dinner with her cousins earlier after they spent the day visiting the bronx zoo, but she did bring home cannolis from an italian bakery in little italy (apparently the little italy to visit in nyc is in the bronx). after dinner, p & k introduced f & I to "mexican train dominoes" - it was great fun. by the way, the cannolis were fantastic!

we left nyc sunday morning, taking the train to nj to pick up f's truck and load it with a couple pieces of my grandmother's furniture that were being stored at my cousin d's house. afterwards we caravaned to d's brother's gorgeous house in suburban philly where we joined up with the rest of d brothers and their families for a party celebrating the august birthdays. it was a perfect conclusion to a perfect mini-vacation!
as soon as I get my act together I'll be putting up a collection of the henry moore sculptures at the nybg on flickr for anyone interested. as anita feldman, the curator of the henry moore foundation remarked the new york botanical garden is the perfect site for moore's work.

Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Jules Munchin perform the "other" New York, New York... from the film version of "On The Town" (1949)

photos: top- moore's "large two forms" 1966; aaron rose at rest, aaron rose at work; me with snake branch spruce in the benenson ornamental conifers - photo by f; yum!; bottom-some family relaxing by poolside sunday.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

strawberry fields forever

last night f and I returned from our mini vacation to nyc - as we were gone less than a week and only in nyc from thursday afternoon until sunday morning, my magical thinking mind is hoping that if I call this trip a mini-vacation, the stage will be set for us to get another (mini) vacation in before the year ends!

we had a great time packing in as much as possible. I can't believe the fantastic weather we had - the temperatures were incredibly mild for august and what rain came never interfered with our activities. I believe the rains helped create spectacular blue skies for the entire time we were east.

on thursday a wicked thunderstorm came in just as we were leaving the new york public library. instead of going back into the library, we hung out on the portico with a hundred other folks seeking shelter. there was something oddly connecting about sharing the experience of watching the storm with a big group of strangers. it's been a long time since I experienced a 'severe' thunderstorm while in a big city and I forgot what a tremendous noise thunder will create - it wasn't unusual to see someone suddenly put their hands over their ears in response to a thunderclap.

we did take in the much anticipated bill wood exhibition at the international center of photography (icp). I was a bit surprised to discover that the exhibit only encompassed one room - I had thought it was the headliner exhibit! regardless of being relegated to a single room, it was terrific. there's something mesmerizing about looking at wood's stark and quirky shots of near about anything and everything. thanks to ched and lettuce I will be able to experience the exhibit anytime I want - when I saw ched friday, she bought the exhibition book they got for me as a birthday gift - aren't blogging buds incredibly generous spirits! thanks!! the main exhibit at icp right now is 'heavy light' an exhibition of the 'new generation' of japanese artists - this exhibit showcasing the work of photographers and videographers takes up the majority of the space at icp and is also fantastic - both exhibits leave september 7th, so hurry up if interested!

ched and her squeeze met f and I on friday afternoon. first we checked out the bucky show at the whitney - what a brain that guy had. afterwards we had a bit of a wander on our way to find a spot to have a late lunch. f and m get gold stars for their patience while ched and I made frequent stops in order to take a snap of something that struck our fancy. in new york city there's always something. it was most difficult saying bye to ched and m - but summertime and the living is busy and all of us had places to go and people to see....

speaking of people to see, friday evening we met p, k and steve for dinner. the rainstorm that moved in late friday afternoon rearranged earlier plans for a brooklyn wander. everything worked out okay; in fact, it was probably better, we were less rushed than we would have been had we tried to meet at our initial time. our personal food guru katie batted 1000 once again on friday. this time she found convivium osteria, an incredibly delicious little restaurant in the park slope neighborhood. (thursday night we also went out to eat; this time katie choose rayuela - thereby reinforcing her status in my mind as the empress of epicure!)

f & I made our regular pilgrimage to strawberry fields, the john lennon memorial in central park located between 71st and 74th streets.
The name of the site is taken from the Beatle’s song Strawberry Fields Forever and was also, for John, an evocation of an orphanage in Liverpool by the same name. At the center lies the famous Imagine mosaic, donated by the city of Naples. There is also a bronze plaque that lists the 121 countries endorsing Strawberry Fields as a Garden of Peace.

Strawberry Fields opened on October 9, 1985, John's 45th birthday. Every October 9th since then has seen an all day vigil of people of all ages from around the world; fans of his music and believers in his vision.

well, that's about it for today. it's time to get cracking on the day. expect another post and a few more pics on our adventures....

photos: strawberry fields in central park; people dispersing from taking shelter after thursday's thunderstorm; friday afternoon wandering with ched; peaceful character near the stawberry field memorial with his symbolic beetle tribute to the beatles.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

beauty school dropout

during the late 1940s my mother was a hair model! I discovered this a few years ago when I snagged a bunch of old documents that were destined for the incinerator. my grandmother's home and all of her possessions were being 'disposed of'. in the cache of stuff that I 'saved' was a bundle of newspaper clippings with photos of my mom as a model at a couple different hair style shows. do they still do these things? according to these newspaper accounts these hair shows were quite the community affair. hundreds of people attended - and not just people in the hair business, but regular folks looking for a night out and a good time.

each hairdo is given a name. in the picture above, my mother - the lovely rita - has a do called 'torrid escape.' supposedly this hairdo represents 'summer,' it is described as a "smart updo.. a lure in the warm summer season for the young miss who prefers to keep her hair a longer length yet wants at the same time to look cool, trim, and chic all day and evening. "

perhaps attention to hair skips a generation. I never really spent much time or attention on my hair. my ideal is have a cut where I don't have to do much other than wash it and blow it dry (if that). however, my daughter e has always been attentive to her hair and quite adventurous when it comes to hair dos and hair color. fortunately for e, she did not inherit my extremely thin and fine hair.

overall, e's experiments turn out - even when they entail a color not found in nature, such as in the photo above. this picture was taken the first time e dyed her hair. at the time she was in the eighth grade, she dyed it while I was out of town visiting my grandmother. I came home to see my blond child now clearly a young woman but now with firehouse red hair. I was a bit shocked - then I learned that e's dad, my quite conservative when it comes to the world of fashion life partner, actually helped her dye her hair - my shock doubled. but what a great dad is that! we were pretty open-minded when it came to e's hair, after all it's only hair and it grows and if something really goes awry there's always the option to cut it all off! so what if one's hair is red, blue, pink, purple....who cares? yes e had all those colors at one time or another. I have heard that there are some school systems around that prohibit kids from coming to school with hair of different colors - I find such bans just plain wrong. well e had all sorts of color hair and a variety of 'different' cuts and styles and she did very well in school, thank you very much!

I'm not quite sure exactly what year the photo above was taken. there was very lengthy period when I wore my hair short. what makes the photo hard to date was e was always experimenting with color. during her last couple years in high school and her first couple years in college she was quite fond of black hair. it's been about seven years since I've worn my hair this short. now, I admit I'm too cheap to stay with a cut this short (like gas prices the price of a good woman's hair cut has gone up!). but I still fantasize about going back to a real short hair do....

I don't know many folks who are satisfied with their hair - people with curly hair seem to want straight hair, folks with straight hair want curly hair. as I mentioned above my hair is thin an fine and fairly straight. when I was a kid my mother was frustrated over my hair and I think she tried to relive some of those glory days on the hair styling circuit. in my treasure box of old pictures I found this photo of me at 7, taken in front of our house in memphis. I don't know about the hair, but I do remember I really loved that dress it was really fun to spin in!

given my approach to hair, I expect I would be a beauty school drop-out, so it's a really good thing I didn't head off on that trajectory....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

magic every monemt

There's magic every moment.
There's miracles each day.
There's magic every moment.
Oh, won't you let the music play?
Won't you let the music play?

Dan Fogelberg (b. 13 august 1951 -16 december 2007),
singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist

been busy as a proverbial bee. how are things with you?

there will be a post tomorrow - it is theme thursday after all! after that the mouse will be on a vacation for a wee bit. I'm heading to the big apple. the itinerary of activities is somewhat loosey goosey - just the way I like it! I'll be meeting up with ched on friday and we're going to check out this.

hope you are finding magic in every moment!

Monday, August 11, 2008


"If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears."
Isaac Hayes (b. 20 august 1942 - d. 10 august 2008) musician, composer, actor, humanitarian

yesterday the amazingly gifted isaac hayes died. isaac was one of the world's foremost ambassadors of funk and soul. along with music mr. hayes brighten our lives over the years by numerous roles in movies and on television. the world is dimmer today without the light of the talented (and incredibly hot) isaac hayes. sadly on saturday, a friend of isaac's died. talented funny man bernie mac died suddenly at the tender age of 51. isaac has a role in a movie which is scheduled to come out this fall entitled 'soul men' starring bernie mac and samuel l. jackson.

in honor of isaac's life and recognizing that life is way too fragile, a vid of isaac hayes covering sting's moving, and all too true, song fragile (recorded in 1995):

On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are how fragile we are

Sunday, August 10, 2008

wond'ring aloud

It's only the giving that makes you what you are.
Ian Anderson (b. 10 august 1947), singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist

I had the following jotted down for the step theme. however, the post ended up wandering in another direction. but I do like them.........

5 simple steps toward contentment
1) free your heart from hatred
2) free your mind from worries
3) live simply
4) give more
5) expect less

since high school I've enjoyed the music of ian anderson; in fact, at one time I could recite thick as a brick - in it's entirely. this is no small feat since as it's a really really long song, really more of an epic poem. still to this day, small wonderful snippets will drift into my mind 'the poet and the painter casting shadows on the water'.... 'draw the lace and black curtains and shut out the whole truth'.... 'so you ride yourselves over the fields and you make all your animal deals and your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick.....'

over the years I've caught anderson a few times in concert - both with and without jethro tull. he's definitely in my top ten of folks who consistently give a great show - anderson can be both quite the chameleon and quite the comedian. the last concert I attended was one of his orchestral concerts - and it rocked. the guy is a musical genius! happy birthday ian!

photo: orphaned raccoon at cleveland museum of natural history, july 2008.