Monday, July 21, 2008

where do the children play

there was a great deal of play over the long weekend. starting on thursday the house was filled with much merriment and a bit of a family reunion. we were joined by two of f's sisters, a brother-in-law, and four young adults! the folks from texas brought along some of that texas heat - now I enjoy a sizzling good time, but I'm not all that keen about sizzling heat - but we survived just drank lots of water and showered off when ever and however we could!

saturday's highlight was the cleveland irish festival. along with the family, we were able to share the day with good buds s & p. the heat put a damper on our consumption of guinness and harp (when at an irish festival it's important to stick with irish beer - you won't find any us hitting the miller concessions!) - none of us really found alcohol and heavy duty heat and humidity a comfortable combination although I can't say that everyone at the festival felt the same way as there were plenty of inebriated souls about.

as expected the music was fantastic. heard some of our faves including eileen ivers and the immigrant soul, cherish the ladies, maura o'connell, and 7 nations. the day's musical surprise occurred during the performance of the incredibly talented duo of liz carroll and john doyle, near the end of their set liz invited eileen and joanie (of cherish the ladies) to join them. they did and WOW!

sunday we headed to hale farm and village, e had to work so we had to bring the family reunion to her! hale farm and village is also just a wonderful and special place to spend a day. on sunday there happened to be a gathering of horse drawn carriages and costumed drivers so there was an additional element of fun.

well, the party's over - at least for now (we're looking forward to more company coming in this thursday - this time my sister and her kids!) I really have to start on the mounds of laundry. while the towels and sheets are getting clean, I hope to be able to finish piecing the top of the latest project....a very colorful and fun fishy quilt! more on that later on the magical mouse blog.

july 21 is the birthday of yusuf islam, (born steven demetre georgiou) and best known as cat stevens. yusuf is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, philanthropist, educator, and peace activist. after a near death experience in 1977, cat converted to islam, changed his name to yusuf (in honor of the story of joseph in the qur'an) and took a hiatus for many, many years from his musical career and devoted himself to his family, his faith, and assisting in humanitarian causes and relief efforts. during high school and college I listened to a lot of cat stevens. then and now I'm moved by jusuf's voice and lyrical and expressive songwriting.

photos: top - children (using the term loosely!) playing hale farm on 20 july; middle picture from left to right - joanie, liz, eileen and john playing together on the harp stage at the cleveland irish festival 19 july; two particular handsome horses, hale farm, bath ohio.


d. chedwick said...

Happy Birthday Cat Yusuf! What luck to have an excuse to visit a farm. and an excuse to drink delicious Guinness.

Steve said...

I love Maura O'Connell -- she has a song called "Western Highway" on one of her old albums that's always been a favorite.

I loves me some Cat, too.

Anonymous said...

love the picture, very hoopy!

Squirrel said...

I have never played with hoops. I feel a little sad about that.

edward said...

a lot of people are on vacation.

Barbara said...

I love the hoop and horse pics! Sounds like a great weekend!

bitchlet said...

I have never seen so much green grass in one place (except in a stadium).

R.L. Bourges said...

sounds like a lovely time was had by all. Thanks for Cat Yusuf!