Thursday, July 3, 2008

sailing shoes

shoes - how many of you have a thing for shoes? I confess I have a bit of a shoe fancy. it's not as bad as it used to be, in my advancing age I have gotten both practical and cheap. and never has my shoe habit gravitated toward 'fashionable' footwear - I prefer shoes that are a little quirky and colorful.

I have seasonal shoes. currently my shoe du saison is a pair of lime green keen hiking sandals. I had to get a new pair of shoes as I pretty much wore out the pair of knock-off tevas that I wore the past two summers. I will miss the lovely z that pair of sandals created. my new pair of sandals have more stuff going on; however, by the end of the summer I should have a better idea if there is a discernible pattern created by the sandal stuff.
I've always been taken by boots. recently I fell for the boots that I saw worn by various bhutanese folks at the smithsonian folklife festival. when I lived in texas I never wore cowboy boots. ironically, the first time I went back to texas after moving away I bought a pair of tony lama boots. I still have these boots, they still fit, however, unfortunately in 1985 I had an accident where I almost lost my left foot (really - I'll show you the scar if you want) a sequela of this event is that I can no longer comfortably wear my tony lama boots or wear any pair of wooden soled clogs (which for the longest time was my favorite type of footwear). okay way too much information!

if you are a curious cat (or mouse) and want to learn more about shoes, the bata shoe museum in toronto is a destination worthy of checking out. it is wild and you can get a little flavor of its holdings by visiting the website.
this year marks the 100th anniversary of converse shoes. I've long had a weakness for the classic chucks. currently I have a pair of maroon hightops. I really miss my yellow chucks; but my all time favorite was the pair of lime green chucks I got after my yellow chucks had to be chucked out.
croc (and croc knock offs) are very popular these days. they seem like fun to wear - I know ms t loves her crocs (knock offs). however, they aren't completely benign footwear and parents and guardians need to be aware that this style of shoe presents a few dangers, especially on escalators when small feet are wearing them. to read more go here or here.
that's enough shoe silliness for today.

sailin' shoes performed by david dandborn, stevie ray vaughn, maria mckee and van dyke parks jammin' (4:02)

photos: dancing shoes at 2008 folklife festival; insert my current shoe du jour; bhutanese boots; chucks pic taken in 1994; ms t and her friend modeling their pink shoes; snap of shoes seen in ithaca ny in june


bitchlet said...

I have a thing for quirky shoes too though I find it hard to find any that fit me. My current favourite shoe colour is Yellow.

[Scary left foot story.]

Bobby D. said...

I like to get new shoes, am hard to fit, don't buy any made in China, so things have been really limited for me this past year! I have 3 pair of green shoes (green in color, not eco-friendly)

Im still working on my shoe post.

edward said...

so far, my favorite shoes are converse ... well anything with shoelaces makes me pretty excitable.

Unknown said...

Great post, lots of good feet shots! Crocs just leave me cold though, like the jelly sandals for kids back in the 70's --something really lacking, and just more plasticky stuff!!!

R.L. Bourges said...

petite souris: afraid this is the best I can do for theme Thursday this week. Didn't have time to work up a special on Graulhet's history as a shoe leather town. So heeeeere's Nancy:


Bob Dylan said...

God pics, good post!

Fred said...

The Bhutanese boots just rock!

marxsny said...

I could spend all day talking about shoes. It seems I usually go for high cost and low comfort, but they look good, especially when they are all lined up in my closet neatly shined and polished with their cedarwood shoe trees. You're right, too much information.

Coffee Messiah said...

Where would we be without shoes to protect our feet?

The converse have stayed in style or well liked for quite awhile.

And those boots are wild! ; )

cbb said...

"Enough silliness" ? A friend of mine used to say, "Too much is never enough" and where silliness is concerned I agree. This was great fun!

Gary said...

I am not really that into shoes (although Mark's appreciation has changed that a tad) but can appreciate a nice pair when I see em.

That photo of the sneakers reminds me of a picture from my HS yearbook. Our science teacher, who was also the yearbook photographer, took a picture of a few of us boys in our footwear to document the style of shoe worn by teenaged boys in 1981. Clever idea. You'd never know it was me in that picture though unless I told you.

WAT said...

The Spanish word for shoes is "zapatos"

Ok! I like the pic of the Converse shoes! I don't own that many pairs, but I would if I had more money! I'd have all kinds of cool different colored Adidas and other tennis shoes to look super RAD!

Steve Reed said...

I never got the whole shoe thing, I have to confess. I own five pairs (brown, black, gym shoes, sandals and running shoes), and that's more than enough for me.