Sunday, July 6, 2008

happiness to his holiness!

this morning when I put up the day's post, I wasn't thinking about today's date - 6 july. today as many mouse readers probably know is tenzin gyatso's birthday. tenzin gyatso is most often referred to as his holiness the dalai lama or simply hh. however, tibetans often refer to hh as gyalwa rinpoche, meaning "precious victor", or yeshe norbu, meaning "wish-fulfilling jewel." hh, as I like to think of him, although I really like "wish-fulfilling jewel," was born on 6 july 1935.

I wonder if ched had hh's birthday in mind when she choose this week's theme for theme thursday! hey, I'm just getting a head start on thursday with this additional post for today. you know how fond I am of themes, geez, maybe I'll just celebrate thursday's theme all week.

this morning my friend nc sent me this interesting link -- robert wilkinson, the author wishes hh a happy 617th birthday. I enjoyed robert's piece, following the links, and of course the hh quotes included.

hh often refers to himself as 'a simple monk' and for that reason I choose the above picture (opposed to this one which is of course my favorite hh picture!). in the picture above hh is in the company of another 'simple monk' who I believe is another great teacher, great soul, and all around great human being. tragically, brother thomas died at the tender age of 53 in a bizarre accident; this picture was taken a short time before he died. by the way, this picture is from the wonderful book "a hidden wholeness: the visual world of thomas merton" by john howard griffin. the photograph was taken by hh's secretary. (speaking of amazing humans john howard griffin is another incredible person; I had the good fortune of meeting him and attending a talk by him many years ago. mr griffin wrote the groundbreaking book black like me. when I live in fort worth, mr griffin lived there. mr. griffin died in 1980.)

happy birthday hh - 73 or 617!!


Coffee Messiah said...

Nice to also see a reference to Thomas Merton. I did have a Book Of Days of his many moons ago, and gave it to friends. I wish I kept it. It was one of the best and most positive I've ever read. Not to mention Seven Story Mountain being an interesting read.

Indeed a Happy Birthday and many more! ; )

dennis said...

Dennis loves that it is someone wonderfuls birthday today because on another blog he read it was dubya's today. the happy cancels out the dubyas

Anonymous said...

two of my favorite guides. thank you. xoxoxo

(more soon re: the move; nothing to report yet!)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

coffee - I will keep a look out for the book of days for you at used bookstores! I am a fan and frequenter! one day I would like to make a pilgrimage to the abbey of gethsemani in kentucky and walk the same lanes and woodlands as brother thomas did.

dennis - eh gads. if I knew this I BLOCKED it... darkness and light...truly!

intact - most welcome. chat soon. xoxoxo

cbb said...

Thanks for this fine tribute and reminder. I too have been very moved by the Dalai Llama's words and work. If he can have equanimity and rise above hatred even given what China has done in his homeland then surely we all could likewise learn not to let war be the answer to even the most egregious of actions.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's buddhist prayer....
May all beings have happiness.
May they be free from suffering.
May they find the joy that has never known suffering
May they be free from attachment and hatred.
-buddhist prayer

reminded me of this praryer/mantra given to me by Joan Southgate:

May I be filled withloving kindness
May I be well
May I be peaceful and at ease
May I be joyful

Thanks, as always, for your sharings.