Tuesday, July 15, 2008


with a special nod in blogging bud gary's direction, the mouse is celebrating linda ronstadt's birthday. recently, gary commented about how much he likes linda's version of the water is wide and later reminded me that july 15th is linda's birthday. linda was born in tucson in 1946.

I also hold a special fondness for linda and am most happy to shine the spotlight on her talents and gifts. however, I haven't always been a linda fan; back in 1976 when f and I got together, I was a bit jealous of linda rondstadt; turned out f was a huge rondstadt fan. who wants to compete with a rock diva like linda rondstadt for someone's affections!

happy birthday linda (and by the way, thanks for standing up against the war, keep it up!)

linda ronstadt performing desperado written by glenn frey and don henley in 1973.

photo: sculpture in front of plaza del sol imports, fort worth, june 2007


bitchlet said...

You make moving pictures.

Gary said...

Kimy! You have made me very happy by shining your spotlight on darling Linda. The video (1973) was taken about the time I fell in love with her music. It is hard to believe that 35 years have passed! It was another world back then.

But, I am still a huge fan. Happy 62nd Birthday Linda!

tut-tut said...

Karla Bonoff, writer of several Rondstadt songs, is on tour, I think, this summer. At least she played at Nightfall earlier, Chattanooga's free Friday night concert series. I missed her, but heard she was terrific. So see her if she comes to your area!

R.L. Bourges said...

1946, eh? good year, good year :-)

The sculpture is great; reminds me of one in the village of Cordes-sur-Ciel, representing Don Quixote (yes, I'll post it some day)


edward said...

that sculpture is truly amazing!

cbb said...

What a great photographic angle on the Desperado!
And funny how those crushes on celebrities can have an impact. For the longest time I liked Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood so much I started a graduate program in communications hoping I could get a job working with him in children's TV. But then I had kids before finishing the degree. Still, they were a great excuse to keep watching him!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

b- thank you!!

gary - ah time flies... 1973, the year I graduated from high school, moved out of my parents' house and set off on 'my own'....a very auspicious year for the mouse in many,many ways!! I'm very happy I've gotten over my 'jealousy' regarding linda!

tut - doesn't look like karla's coming to cleveland. but if anyone is interested here's where karla is gonna be through the rest of the year:
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts
Thousand Oaks CA

Skamania County Fairgrounds
Stevenson WA

The Triple Door
Seattle WA

Narrows Center for the Arts
Fall River MA

TCAN - The Center for Arts in Natick MA

Sheldon Concert Hall
Saint Louis MO

Center for the Arts of Homer
Homer NY

rlb...and what year pray tell were you born? did quixote pack? look forward to seeing the sculpture at cordes-sur-ciel.... I still have to read don quixote, although kudos to my birthday twin wat he did - and in spanish to boot!!!

eddie - I hope you are going to be a traveling cat and will come and visit me!

cbb - I LOVE fred rogers.... still watch him on a quasi regular basis...well at least 2 times a month....one of the benefits of hanging out with toddlers is to have an excuse to watch fred and sesame street!

R.L. Bourges said...

what year? I'll tell you in September. (As for Don Quixote, he travels very light)