Tuesday, July 1, 2008

closer still

last night we returned from a wonderful long weekend visiting family and friends in metro dc. the days were filled with many delights.

in addition to the joy of seeing our family and friends, another highlight of the weekend was attending the smithsonian folk life festival. the focus for this year's festival: bhutan - 'the land of the thunder dragon'; texas - 'a celebration of music, food, and, wine'; and nasa - 'fifty years and beyond.' the festival runs through july 6th - if you're in the the dc area make sure you check it out.

I've been attending the folklife festival periodically since it began - my family moved to metro dc in 1966 and the folklife festival began in 1967 - I've never sat down and listed how many folklife festivals I've gone to, but the festival has allowed me to 'go to' places that I would never be able to visit if it didn't exist. the festival has never failed to stimulate, entertain and educate. it is indeed a national treasure.

on flickr you can see some of the pictures I took at this year's folklife festival - it was hard for me to leave bhutan when I was there, so my pictures aren't really 'representative' of all that the festival is offering. however, f & I did get in listening to some great texas music! click here for my folklife festival set of pictures.

it's back to reality - I have many projects to attend to (and complete!) not only this week but the whole summer is looking quite full! I expect my time in the blogosphere will be limited - I'll be popping round the cyberhood to visit, but I might not be posting as many comments as usual. here on the mouse the posts may be heavy on pictures and light on words (aren't you relieved!)

photo: prayer flags flying near the temple temporarily on display on the washington mall. after this year's folk life festival this temple will be dismantled and will be taken to it's new home at the university of texas at el paso (utep) - I learned at the folklife festival there is a special connection between utep and bhutan, if you're interested you can read about this here.

tish hinojosa singing closer still


bitchlet said...

I love.

cbb said...

Great photo! I too have relatives (three sisters) in the DC vicinity. I think it may be time for a family reunion, and in all fairness it should probably be on their coast. Majority rules!