Thursday, June 12, 2008

under the bridge

I played around with the idea of using today's theme 'bridge' in a metaphorical sense, but then I started thinking about all our incredibly colorful bridges here in cleveland. turns out that I'm quite a bridge freak and my photo archives contains quite a few pictures of these marvelous cleveland bridges. cleveland's bridges have been impressing folks for a long time. according to the society for industrial archeology (sia) website:
"There are the greatest lot of bridges here you ever saw," a visitor to Cleveland scrawled on a postcard in 1905.
if you are an inquiring mind and want to read a bunch of interesting stuff about cleveland's bridges click here.

did you notice in the top picture the red bridge is in an unusual position? this bridge, built in 1901 is the last remaining swing bridge in cleveland and still swings to accomodate boats and barges that are coming down the windy cuyahoga river.
view from the east side of the flats looking west.

there's an active crewing community in cleveland - I'm not part of it, but I do enjoy watching these graceful boats skim along the water.
a bit further south one encounters bridges that span cleveland's industrial areas.
since I ride the train frequently, I had to include a picture of the red line train bridge.
a post of cleveland's bridge's wouldn't be complete unless it included the famous hope memorial bridge. I posted a detail of one of the magnificent figureslast month.

red hot chili peppers "under the bridge" released in 1992 - I just love this infectious tune!


Squirrel said...

thanks for the link, as I had no idea Cle. had so many bridges! It's impossible to really have a favorite, because I like one for the carved figures, and another for the metal structure, and so forth.

tut-tut said...

How great! I especially like the first one.

Yes, I went the non metaphorical route. You can see the bridges of my world. This was a fun theme, as L and I went out together for this one.

Fred said...

The red bridge is so cute-- which of these bridges can people walk across? (if any)

Avid Reader said...

This is a festival of bridges!

lettuce said...

great bridge pictures - i like all the contrasts in the top picture, and the little glimpse of under the bridge.
And the rowers all in their pink tops...

Steve Reed said...

Interesting building in that top photo -- the one in the background that looks like part of a circle.

You mentioned the Cuyahoga River -- which part of the river caught fire way back when? Was it right in downtown?

bitchlet said...

Beautiful Bridges. I noticed that you're reading the Way the Crow Flies by Ann Marie McDonald. I have read another book by her - Fall on your Kness- and I loved it. I was looking for a copy of the one you are reading but it was impossible to find.

Laura Jane Williams said...

Gosh, some of those puppies are really impressive!

girlwiththemask x

mouse (aka kimy) said...

squirrel - I feel the same way, hard to choose among them as they each has something unique

tut - glad you and L had fun capturing the bridges, next week theme is all about having fun as you'll see.

tt- with the exception of the highway bridge and the railroad bridge, the other bridges can accommodate pedestrians. I walk across the hope memorial bridge frequently as I love the view from there - and it's the bridge where on one side is the west side market and the other side the field where the indians play and downtown.

let - london has terrific bridges! but isn't there some london bridge now in the american desert somewhere!

steve - we are approaching the anniversary of the river catching on fire - june 22, 1969. I'm pretty certain the river caught fire near the mouth of the river - that time. this wasn't the only time the river caught on fire, but was the most famous and significant.

bitchlet - thanks for dropping by, your blog is most amusing! my friend randeep just brought over fall on your knees, I look forward to reading it and may abandon the way the crow flies for now and read fall on your knees. twtcf is over 800 pages - excellent book, but I have a couple other books going on and must admit to a bit of summer brain....

masked girl - maybe one day you'll get to see these pups first hand!

Cergie said...

I do like bridges, all so different and though having the same obligation : help people to go across or above an obstacle, on feet, by train or by car. In the Yosemite Park, we saw an old covered wooded bridge. I remembered the movie "The Bridges of Madison County". It was nice. My husband explained to me why these bridges are covered : it is easier to repair the roof than the bridge itself.

WAT said...

Great pics! Bridges are cool! And that song by the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS is totally about my hometown Los Angeles! YEEHA!

Sourire11 said...

Great photographs of all of our bridges!

I love that in Cleveland we have 2 levels of bridges - the ones that cross from one side of the flats to the other and the high-level ones that cross above them - No other city I've ever been in has that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,

What a cowinkydink! I took Blue Kid and his friend down to the Plain Dealer Pavilion Fri night and dropped them off to see Death Cab for Cutie. When I was leaving, I got stopped at that swing bridge so a big tug boat or something could go by. It was so beautiful! And I had forgotten my camera. (Of course!) It was right at dusk, so the lighting was great and the blinking red lights at the bridge looked great.

As I was driving down into the flats before I dropped them off, I couldn't get over how great Cleve looked down there. Just all the cool bridges and the *great* apartments that overlook the water.

I hadn't been down there in awhile, so it was like sensory overload. I hope they're able to bring that area back. It's just *too cool* not to.