Friday, June 13, 2008

rum tum tugger

Beware of people who dislike cats. --Irish proverb
The cat is a lion to the mouse. --Albanian proverb

If you want to know what a tiger is like, look at a cat. --Hindu proverb

The cat's a saint when there are no mice about. --Japanese proverb

In a cat's eyes all things belong to cats. --English saying

this cat painting is on the side wall of the doubting thomas gallery (856 jefferson avenue) in tremont. the front of the building is exhibiting the outside mirror collage which the mouse featured tuesday. the art on the outside of the building changes - who knows what will be on display next month!

a tawdry* tune from cats rum tum tugger

*tawdry is the theme of tugboat dave's weekly photo challenge.


tut-tut said...

I love my cats--but I had to firmly collar them and put them inside, after I heard the pandemonium outside last evening, when a robin family was being to fledge.

The two cats were absolutely beside themselves (eyes as big as saucers), the robin parents were frantic, and the babies were hopping all over. No casualties, and everyone flew away.

Maurice the mouse said...

If I were as big as a cat then the feline critters in my neighbourhood would be dog meat.

Dave said...

Yay! Thanks for playing.

I'm not a big cat fan. Beware.

kyklops said...

I bear cats no ill will, but damn, I'm very allergic (and, of course, the more I ignore them, the more "polite" I seem to them!).

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Mouse, you may already know this one from Churchill:
"Dogs look up to us, cats look down on us, but pigs treat us as equals".

tut-tut, my bastard cats caught a fledgeling this evening. Can't find the parents. Hope I can do the job for the next couple of days.

zquilts said...

WoW! What a wonderful painting of a wonderful cat. Must be a very good gallery indeed!

d. chedwick said...

I'm an indoor cat and I'm proud of it!

jenclair said...

Love the photo and the quotes!

dennis said...

Dennis says it's true, all things he sees belong to him. This is the root of many squabbles, however since others are too clueless to leave Denny's stuff alone.

WAT said...

I love dogs a lot more, but can't resist a nice kitty of course. Some of them can be very loving and almost act like dogs.

Thanks for the kind uplifting words on my blog by the way. Most appreciated my fellow long-distance Cancerian soulmate.

Steve said...

Love the painting!