Tuesday, June 10, 2008

in the color

When you have awoken from all the dreams broken
Come and dance with me, dance with me into the colors of the dusk
Dance with me in the colors of the dusk.

Ben Harper (b. 1969) singer-songwriter, from In the Color

this just in: today is maurice sendak's 80th birthday! sendak is the author and illustrator of numerous books for children - the best known is perhaps where the wild things are. a few years ago cleveland's western reserve historical society had an exhibit highlighting some of sendak's work; I had the good fortune to stumble upon it.

I've been a sendak fan since e was a wee lass. one of the highlights of our home library is a coffee table book entitled the art of maurice sendak by selma g. lanes (1980) - over twenty years ago, our friend hank the bookseller donated this book to an auction for a new haven school our daughters attended. funny how some things live forever. I understand tony kushner has edited another collection of sendak's art from 1980 to the present, I'll have to scour the local used bookshops and see if I can get my hands on a copy. do you have a favorite sendak book - probably my all time favorite is 'in the night kitchen' (1970) and recently I've grown quite fond of chicken soup with rice (1962) probably because ms t has been requesting it almost every time she's over!

happy birthday mr. sendak and thank you!

photo: tremont self portrait, cleveland , may 2008; bottom pics taken in may 2005 at western reserve historical society, cleveland


R.L. Bourges said...

That's a great one. I love Ben Harper's songs. And the collage - mirrors, are they? very cool.

Reya Mellicker said...

I love his voice so much. Had no idea he was SO CUTE!!!

dennis said...

Dennis likes sendak, seuss, and scarry ---- faves when it comes to little one's lit. Dennis will never outgrow them.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

I really like Ben Harper, though I haven't listened to him in a while. I have a couple of his albums, maybe I'll dig them up this evening.
I've heard of maurice sendak, and his 'where the wild things are' but I've not read him. I've reads parts of that one in Barnes and Noble.
I adore your musical and book tastes- you're so very eclectic.

jude said...

i am a sendak fan too. the guy i work with went to high school with him

tut-tut said...

Did you do that collage? I love how you've captured the mirrored images (and yourself . . .) juxtaposed with the doll. Lots going on.

We have a video, much watched, of Sendak.

dennis said...

the girl doll scares Dennis.

lettuce said...

probably Where the wild things are. Did you ever see the stage show/opera? i didn't

i spy you in that picture. what/where is it? its really fabulous

mouse (aka kimy) said...

ben harper has a great voice...and yes I agree with you reya he is uber cute!!

dennis - and don't forget shel silverstein!

te - I know, I'm always rediscovering folks that I once loved listening to.

jude - I bet sendak was a great school mate!

tut - no I didn't do the collage it's outside a funky gallery in the tremont neighborhood of cleveland. never saw a video of sendak - I read they adapted his rosie character for a children's series.

dennis - I'm not too keen on dolls either!

let - read about his opera work, but that's about it.