Monday, May 12, 2008

wandering stars

there was so much heartbreak and tragedy in the world over the weekend, I feel a bit guilty that I had such a lovely and wonderful weekend. saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. I spent most of day running errands with e. I left the house thinking we were just going to the nursery for birdseed and plants and then back home again, but one thing leads to another.

we weren't but a couple blocks from the house when e mentioned that she was having a yen for a particular pickled vegetable from one of the asian markets in chinatown. instead of heading west to the nursery, we headed east to chinatown. after the market we did go to the nursery. I consider mother's day weekend as the time that it's now safe to plant, the odds of snow and a killing frost are very low. based on the crowds at the nursery it appears that this is a widespread belief -- cha-ching!

after the nursery, I remembered f had mentioned earlier that we were drastically low on a couple household necessities, since we were close to target, our source for 'the basics' another stop to shop was in order. after target it was well past the lunch hour, neither of us had eaten and we still had one more nursery to hit (the price for a couple things were too dear at nursery number 1). what's that I said one thing leads to another! e has never been to mcintyres and since we were in the neighborhood and in a holiday state of mind we stopped for a bite and a pint.

e dropped me and all my stuff off and I spent the rest of the daylight hours playing in the dirt. f spent the afternoon playing golf and he got home about the same time I was finished up with the day's planting. saturday night was homemade pizza and movie time - we finally watched there will be blood - intense, daniel day lewis most certainly deserved the oscar for best acting.

sunday was a lazy day, we puttered around the house, read, talked on the phone, and I even watched the dvd e dropped off the day before. outside it was cool and rainy all day. I didn't have to think about dinner as e said she was taking care of every thing - even dessert. sunday dinner turned out to be a surprise and a delight - turns out that sneaky e had in fact planned an elaborate korean feast! I guess I could have gotten suspicious with saturday's visit to an asian market.

the menu for sunday included the korean style bbq ribs, korean pancakes, a turnip and apple dish, a noodle dish and kim chee. for dessert e made the most divine fruit wontons. now that e has a blog where sometimes she shares recipes, perhaps we will find recipes for some of these creations there in the future. all the dishes were worthy!

portishead's wandering stars (1994)

photo: bleeding heart in bloom 12 may; sunday's feast


tut-tut said...

Is that a picture of the actual meal? If so, kudos to the cook AND stylist. Beautiful weekend. And I love Bleeding Hearts, as Chedwick knows . . .

Barbara said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day surprise!

Steve said...

"I. Will. Drink. Your. Milkshake! I will drink it up!"

Best line in the whole movie.

Hey, I recognize that plant! :)

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

yum. yum. yummy looking.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend in the light of such tragedy in other parts of the world.Knowing that your heart was there in the balance of those two extremes is one of the reasons to celebrate life in its ups and downs.

Reya Mellicker said...

Please don't feel guilty for having a wonderful weekend. I'm sure a miserable weekend for you wouldn't help the people in Burma or China one bit.

Happiness is a good thing! Celebrate your wonderful life. Bravo!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

tut - yep that is the meal!! it was delish. I've always loved bleeding hearts...maybe because I'm one!

barbara - indeed! em's the best!

steve - that whole scene was incredible.... ddl is amazing - "don't bully me daniel"

jt & reya - thanks wise words from you two.... and I'm very grateful not to have had a miserable weekend! xx

dennis said...

Dennis loves a feast! Dennis says there's nothing better than an extra big feast on a rainy rainy day.

TheElementary said...

That film looks very interesting- I love IMDB, they are so detailed. I've made many a choice based on what i read there.
There's no need to feel guilty- I always say that at least having a conscience makes all the difference. The adage 'ignorance is bliss' is very true, but it's utterly useless to the rest of the world. At least you care. Even if it brings you sadness and guilt.