Monday, May 19, 2008

monday, monday

it was a simply glorious weekend – the weather may have been a bit chilly – but you won’t find me complaining. the rain was confined to the morning on both saturday and sunday. by the time I was ready to head out for the day’s adventures, cleveland was sparkling like a freshly bathed baby. all weekend the city was bedecked in a tapestry of fresh, spring colors it was such a sweet weekend even the people were aglow with some strange, infectiously happy type of spring fever.

I don't know where to begin or what to mention – it was as if this weekend was designated as one big happening! f had committed himself to dixie duty and honestly I think he's so psyched about his motorsickle, I think he was quite happy to stay home work on the bike and play with the dog.

I headed out with jane on saturday afternoon and we met up with s&p at the ruins of the old coast guard station at wendy park; we wandered about, watched the bird activity, some local anglers and worked our way to watch the dedication of the new whiskey island bridge.

after that historically significant, albeit somewhat amusing, event - j & I said adieu to s&p. we then headed over to ohio city to check out the activity at jane's old community garden. we meandered about and eventually landed at michael’s bookstore on 25th street for the rent party. a little poetry, some music and luna the cat holding court. it was a blast. I only hope michael was able to pull in some bucks to help keep the store going! I did my part - made a small donation and left with a bag of books - books that weren't needed, but were bought to help an excellent cause. if anyone is out there looking for an investment opportunity and the chance to be part of something worthwhile - let me know and I'll put you in touch with michael and the bookstore on 25th street.
jane dropped me off early in the evening and the rest of saturday was spent on avenue c - I got in some scrabble with lin and her ma before dinner. after scrabble, f & I ate a late dinner and rested after a full day.

sunday morning had me getting on the train to head over to university circle for the hessler street fair. this year I signed up to help staff a table for the 2008 labor day peace show. it was so windy I'd say what gene and I did was hold down the table! I've often attended this annual rite of spring but this is the first year I've 'worked' it - however calling it work, is a joke - I had a blast meeting and chatting with all sorts of wonderful folks (and dogs). it's an all around good time and an opportunity for the community to travel back in time to the era of love, peace, and good vibrations!

the mamas & the papas singing monday, monday (1966)


TheElementary said...

Oh my goodness, that looks like an awesome bookstore. Wow. :( I'm so far...

I always enjoy your trips around town or wherever you go.

And there's always, always time for Scrabble in life. I love it.

Colette Amelia said...

Is your email working? it keeps bouncing back to me.

Spring is great! I can't wait to see what is out and about in the garden or blooming on the trees.

Is Cleavland as great as it seems? It seems like you are in the groove of all the awesome happenings!

Steve said...

I always thought running a bookstore would be terrific...if I were independently wealthy. It DOES look like a great place!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

the bookstore on 25th is an amazing place - it is a used bookstore filled with all sorts of treasures. I wish I was in the position to help make it solvent and live up to it's incredible potential! it is a wonderful community asset run by one fantastic human being.

te - thanks! always make time for scrabble!

ca - I think you are using my old email address I've changed now it's kyanoshikatgmaildotcom

cleveland rocks...but I'm of the mind that any place can be great if you make it so....

steve - I've worked in a few (independent) bookstores in my time and have always loved it....any job that surrounds me with books is quite terrific.