Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am willing

I Am Willing

I am open and I am willing
To be hopeless would seem so strange
It dishonors those who go before us
So lift me up to the light of change

There is hurting in my family
There is sorrow in my town
There is panic in the nation
There is wailing the whole world round

May the children see more clearly
May the elders be more wise
May the winds of change caress us
Even though it burns our eyes

Give me a mighty oak to hold my confusion
Give me a desert to hold my fears
Give me a sunset to hold my wonder
Give me an ocean to hold my tears
words and music by holly near (b. 1949) singer-songwriter, social activist

to hear holly near and company singing I am willing click here

a few signs that struck my fancy

hey big spender! at the local jo-ann's you can take care of a present for mom for a buck!

we've heard of 'fast food' - but cigarettes and beer! talk about catering to the ultimate couch potato - is this 'fast death'

speaking of death, last night on the rta platform I noticed the led feed provided the latest official body count of u.s. military deaths. all in the name of what you say.... iraqi freedom, oh yeah....

this morning on the radio there was a story regarding hillary's claims that barack can't get the 'white working class' vote and that is why she needs to be the democratic candidate - is she implying that these folks are racists? I don't know about you but this type of talk just seems so divisive. all I can say is the dems better start getting their act together and healing these internal divisions or it will be four years of john more the same ---- and that just won't do!

photos: 7 may 2008


Steve Reed said...

If I gave my Mom something from Jo-Ann's, she wouldn't know what to do with it!

Unfortunately, I'm worried that Hillary is right. I love Obama, but I'm afraid his appeal won't be broad enough -- partly for racial reasons, but also for others (his perceived elitism, for one). Maybe I'm selling people short, but I am concerned about that.

Squirrel said...

Holly Near! That takes me back!

Happy International Migratory Bird Day, Mouse!

The signs... well, the dollar mom's day gifts were just sad, but beer and ciggie delivery? Now Dad doesn't ever need to leave the house. (Can't send those damn useless underaged kids out to get cigs and beer, now can he?) They probably deliver new remote batteries too.

mzjohansen said...

Mousely: What can I say? The photos are the best - always a joy - and they don't really need comments - they say all that needs saying by themselves !!

Barbara said...

Great picture with shades!

I am totally disgusted at how the Democrats are giving this race away. It gets worse every day. Too bad we couldn't have had the election months ago and be done with it. As it is, the Republicans are just licking their chops and getting ready to pounce, meanwhile saving their money because it isn't even necessary to campaign when the other side is self-destructing!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

"this type of talk just seems so divisive"- isn't it? They're not united at all. How will there be any hope if people aren't agreeing on anything? It's bickering, that's what it is, and they need to grow up and think of their country.
Great post. Glad you're back.

taco said...

I can't believe she would think that blue collar workers are somehow more racist than other, perhaps wealthier whites. I've seen factory workers black and white be closest pals. I think she is dead wrong and she's insulting working class whites.

taco said...

she cares way more about winning than about her country it seems.

Gary said...


If I ever give my mom something from the dollar bin please smack me hard.

Unknown said...

Great post, Mouse! Loved those lyrics. And you're spot on right - delivering beer and cigarettes? Fast death for sure.

Best I not comment on US politics except to say, I agree, I do so wish the Democrats could find a way of working together rather than sniping at each other.

tut-tut said...

Yes, Squirrel, Holly Near indeed!

Yes, Taco, she does seem to care more about winning than her country. She is very adroit at pitting the Democratic Party against itself. I'm deciding what to do in the event of a J McC win . . .

Thank you for your kind words, Mouse!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

steve - the bin was filled with crap that would only collect dust nothing useful in the department of making things.

back in 1960 they said a catholic couldn't be president but jfk did win both the democratic ticket and the presidency. and that bit about elitism and the o man - give me a break - he's no more elitist than any of the other major ticket candidates - and in my book considerably less.

squirrel - musical trips back are always fun and it's encouraging that folks like holly keep on keeping on!
thanks for the info on international bird day! tweet tweet!! enjoyed your post on this occasion!

z - merci

barbara - well said about dems and repub....I haven't given up hope that the dems will get it together - have to move past this battle btw hillary and barack! the dems need to focus on the issues! and go after what has happened the last 7 1/2 years to the country!

te - united we need to be!!

tf - welcome back. I love taco in all forms and even taco salad
...though to call it a taco, well, enuf said.

gary - and I'd say a smack in the head would be deserved given what I saw in the bin. better a nice homemade card and some carnations!

av - that sign and delivering cigs and beer was truly too much!

tut-tut - thanks for dropping by I love your blog!! if john more of the same wins I'm hoping to that some country will provide political asylum ....

lettuce said...

it all seems so messy over there just now. I really felt the frustration and anxiety while i was there. we're watching with sympathy

our electoral mess resolved itself in the election of old-Etonian Boris as london mayor
i'm just hoping that at least he HAS to be brighter than his public image

WAT said...

That is a right-in-your-face sign there at the station about the Iraq war count.

And yet Bushy was celebrating his daughter's boring wedding this weekend.