Wednesday, May 7, 2008

big yellow taxi

the first sight that greeted me monday evening when f and I pulled into the driveway was of a decimated hedgerow. I try to work at not being reactive, unfortunately monday I pretty much lost it. all I could think of was of 'my' beautiful six foot high hedge which was a wonderful habitat for the birds. I don't know if there were any nests in the hedge, but the birds loved to flitter about inside the thicket and the hedge was always a source of much lovely birdsong. now the hedge is reduced to 18 inches of unevenly cut sticks. no, no my f didn't cut it down - like myself f has a fondness for flora and fauna. the culprit it appears was some 'landscaper' who was hired by the woman who owns the house next door.

I was in such a state of grief over the destruction of the hedge, I didn't even go in to the house but immediately pulled out my cell phone to call the number on the 'for rent' sign for the house next door. I am a bit ashamed of myself, I did vent my spleen - no, I didn't raise my voice in anger, but I made it clear that I was not happy and I wanted an explanation. the hedge technically grows on the property for both lots, although f believes it actually is on the property for the house that we live in. the woman on the phone provided a very lengthy explanation - 90% of which had nothing to do with the hedge, she went off and started telling me about how awful the tenants she's had living there are, but I should be assured they are now out as she's evicted them (truth be told, as far as I was concerned they were fine - sometimes they were a bit loud, but it wasn't constant; they didn't take care of the yard, but isn't that her responsibility unless she struck up a deal with them? everyone is different - and it's the homeowners responsibility to set the standard and lay out the 'rules'), how she had surgery and has been ill for the last year and a half and hasn't been around nor has she kept an eye on her property (which she made a point to say she once lived in and loved) and how she knows the guy across the street, yada, yada, yada. apparently, the woman I was talking with hired a 'landscaper' to beautify the place so she can attract a better class of tenants. she told her hired man to bring the hedge down a bit. I asked if she supervised the work. no she did not. I asked if she saw what he did. no she did not. I told her that to call the person she hired a landscaper is a grave misnomer. based on what he did to the hedges and other shrubs on her property, I believe a more accurate word would be butcher. eventually, I did get some version of an apology.

lets hope that the hedge can recover. right now it's a disgusting sight. poor birds.

I don't want to end this morning's post on such a bum note so I'll wrap up with a sight that did tickle me no end yesterday. lin who shares the house we live in here on ave c is away so we are dog sitting her sweet dog olivia. yesterday ms t was having fun 'being with' olivia - and I mean being with....when olivia went up to the gate to bark at another dog strolling by, ms t joined her and literally barked at the dog with olivia. when olivia ran about the drive, ms t ran about the drive. and when oliva decided it was time to take a nap in the backyard, ms t also decided it was time to take a nap in the backyard.

photos: top - unfurling fern fronds at the u.s. botanical garden; hedge in january and in may. ms t and olivia at play.

joni singing big yellow taxi (1970)


Barbara said...

Hedges, like hair, usually grow back! I'm glad you can set aside your anger over the senseless destruction to find serenity in your little world. Maybe the cutting back will spur the hedge to beautiful new growth -- here's hoping!

Squirrel said...

That hedge will grow back in no time-- healthier than ever. But like a cat that's just been shaved, it will look sorry for awhile.

hedges are extremely important between houses and unless they really need a chopping they should be left alone to grow wild and provide birdy homes.

love the fern pic at top

Colette Amelia said...

Yes indeed that fern pic is awesome! I love the Miss T, if something bothers them it is soon forgotten and they are out and about playing and having fun.

I think I will be childish today!

e. said...

you have got to be freakin' kidding me! ugh. the picture of the shrub hurts me. i am sorry. but we knew she was probably a dumbass because of her no dog ruling.

d. chedwick said...

I should have napped in the backyard today!
Maybe tomorrow.

lettuce said...

i find it hard when my neighbour hacks down beautiful plants and shrubs in his OWN garden (he had a beautiful ceonothus which is now gone) - but in your OWN garden...? sad and maddening. but i'm sure it will grow back

lovely lovely fern pic

and missT. could she be any cuter?

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Once had the opportunity to plant 1000 meters of hedge, mixed shrubs. It was great watching it grow from a baby to an 8 footer. Then I got a letter from the council saying some arse (my word, not their's) had asked for it to be cut to 4 feet. But, get this, it was on a field I owned, in the countryside!!! I ignored the letter, and my wildlife refuge/highway stayed as it was!

Sorry about yours ... the horror! But as said earlier, it will come back. V sad for you though.

jude said...

oh they are not so hacked that they will not survive. but isn't it awful for all those birds. i have some wooded area around my house and many trees have fallen and everyone wants me to landscape it, my neighbors, that is, but all those dead trees are wonderful hotels for many small and wonderful creatures. can't they see that? and the one dying tree is harboring a family of woodpeckers!how i love that sound.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

et al - so the cosmic lesson is I need to be the meantime, I'll try and not look at the destruction nor think of the birds. boo hoo.

ca - good luck embracing your inner child!

let - re ms t definitely hard to find a cuter kid and smart - don't even get me started!

ernest - how refreshing to receive an official letter with 'arse' in it in reference to clearly an arse!

jude - dead trees are marvels of the natural world, and often in death and decay bring much life....make your neighbors some cookies and maybe they'll quite bugging you about your naturalized wildlife preserve! or better yet invite them to watch the woodpecker family with you! sweet!!!

Steve said...

So sorry about your hedge! I think it's a wound that time will heal, if that's any consolation.

The bottom photo is SO cute!

Mouse said...

My 'significant other' adopts an over-enthusiastic approach to gardening, he goes through it like a dose of agent orange leaving nothing in his wake
Fortunately so far everything has grown back, save for the hydrangeas and my grape vine but what was once an over-grown wonderland is now more like the sahara! Tant pis and hide the clippers!

WAT said...

And that's just the hedge. Think of the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest! UGH! That's even more horrifying!

Olivia! I love her!