Saturday, April 12, 2008

our house

perhaps now that I've wrapped up the travelogue my reentry is complete! however, even though I just returned from 'spring break,' the last few days of warm beautiful weather have only fueled a sense of spring fever. it is lovely to see evidence that spring is further along - compare the picture above to this one taken a couple days before my wander.

yesterday with temps in the mid-60s and people walking about in short-sleeves and halters, I found myself fantasizing about staying in 'vacation mode.' now, what is with that? not going to happen. but relief from this fever is in sight, last night however a major front blew in and blew out the warm temperatures and clear skies.

it's so good to be home, even if it's been a bit slow getting back into my routines with this lingering feeling of 'spring fever' still infecting my psyche! maybe by the end of the weekend my fever will break and it will be all out of my system!

accuweather claims today and tomorrow will be rainy with 'unseasonably cold' temperatures. thank goodness I didn't follow through with my fever induced thoughts on going to the plant store and stocking up on flowers and start the process of putting them into the flower beds and boxes.

with thoughts about home and verse rattling around my brain this morning (april is national poetry month). I offer this text from a children's book which ms. t and I will be reading later today:

A House is A House for Me
by mary ann hoberman (1982)

A hill is a house of an ant, an ant
A hive is a house for a bee
A hole is a house for a mole or a mouse
And a house is a house for me!

A web is a house for a spider
A bird builds its nest in a tree
There is nothing so snug as a bug in a rug
And a house is a house for me!

A coop? That's a house for a chicken.
A sty? That's a house for a sow.
A fold? That's where sheep all gather to sleep.
A barn? That's a house for a cow.
(it is also, of course,
A house for a horse.)

A kennel's a house for a dog, a dog.
A dog is a house for a flea.
But when a dog strays, a flea sometimes stayss
And then it may move in on me!

Houses for rabbits are hutches.
A house for a mule is a shed.
A castle's a house for a duchess.
A bedbud beds down in a bed.

A shell is a dwelling for shellfish:
For oysters and lobsters and clams.
Each snail has a shell and each turtle as well
But not any lions or lambs.

Lions live out in the open.
Monkeys live up in a tree.
Hippos live down in a river.
Now what do you know about me?

A husk is a house for a corn ear.
A pod is a place for a pea.
A nutshell's a hut for a hickory nut
But what is a shelter for me?

A glove is a house for a hand, a hand.
A stocking's a house for a knee.
A shoe or a boot is a house for a foot.
And a house is a house for me!

A box is a house for a teabag.
A teapot's a house for some tea.
If you pour me a cup and I drink it all up,
Then the teahouse will turn into me!

Cartons are houses for crackers.
Castles are houses for kings.
The more that I think about houses,
The more things are houses for things.

And if you get started in thinking,
I think you will find it is true
That the more that you think about houses for things
The more things are houses to you.

Barrels are houses for pickles
And bottles are houses for jam.
A pot is a spot for potatoes.
A sandwich is home for some ham.

A cooky jar's home to the cookies.
The breadbox is home to the bread.
My coat is a house for my body.
My hat is a house for my head.

Perhaps I have started farfetching
Perhaps I am stretching things some
A mirror's a house for reflections
A throat is a house for a hum

But once you get started in thinking,
You think and you think and you think
How pockets are houses for pennies
And pens can be houses for ink;

How peaches are houses for peachpits
And sometimes are houses for worms;
How trashcans are houses for gargage
And garbage makes houses for germs;

And envelopes, earmuffs and eggshells
And bathrobes and baskets and bins
And ragbags and rubbers and roasters
And tablecloths, toasters and tins....

And once you get started in thinking this way,
It seems that whatever you see
Is either a house or it lives in a house,
And a house is a house for me!

A book is a house for a story.
A rose is a house for a smell.
My head is a house for a secret,
A secret I never will tell.

A flower's at home in a garden.
A donkey's at home in a stall.
Each creature that's known has a house of its own
And the earth is a house for us all.

to hear 'our house' by csn&y click here

photos: wandering around my hood, 11 april 2008


Steve Reed said...

A nesting post!

What a great poem! I love the "dog is a house for a flea" and the head is a house for a secret, and the earth being a house for us all. Fabulous.

That CSNY song is an old favorite, too! Bravo!

mzjohansen said...

Wonderful poem ! We are hoping to se 60 today for the first time this year - and then Accuweather prognosticates back to dreary again !

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kim!

I love the mouse poem. Please check us out at for a poem a day during National Poetry Month. We've got some classics and some written by staff and patrons, including some young up-and-coming writers.

Avon Lake Public Library

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Kimy, were you perchance in the car with us this afternoon when we played 'Our House?'

It's like looking in a mirror at times.
Great words.

Bobby D. said...

Wonderful Poem -love it!

--I was able to get out of the house for the first time in weeks (!) today. We went to The Bronx to visit a friend, but I was too tired to continue on to the Botanical Gardens, and so went home to nap.
It was in the upper seventies by the time I got back home, which seemed surreal! I'm taking it easy (@home) getting the teahouse out and scooping up some tea, and you know the rest!

Anonymous said...

Loved your travelogue! Thanks for sharing. xoxo

Bobby D. said...

this poem made me remember a fragment of an old song-- every little flower has got it's little bee, cups all have their saucers, even ice cream has it's cone...

Cergie said...

We have a couple of blue tits in our garden, they are very busy they have to food their young.