Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the naming of cats

Lovers and austere dons are equally
(In their maturity) attached to cats -
Cats soft but cruel, emperors of flats,
Touch like these and like those sedentary.

Friends of the sensual, the cerebral,
They seek the quiet and horror of the dark;
If they had ever bent their pride to work
They might have pulled the funeral cars of hell.

Asleep they take the noble attitude
Of the great sphinxes that appear to brood,
Stretched in the wastes, in dreams that have no end;
Their loins are electric with fecundity,
And particles of gold, like finest sand,
Star vaguely their unfathomable eye.

Charles Baudelaire (1821 -1865) cat lover, poet & art critic

when I was in new york I stayed with cocoa and noche and their humans p&k. because cocoa with her rich brown color and white bib looks so much like her older sistercat merlin I was afraid that it might have been painful for me, but it wasn't. in fact, it was very comforting to be around cocoa and her sister noche. noche, looks and acts very similar to her litter sister rosie. they both have the same yakky and demanding nature - whereas cocoa and merlin are relatively quiet and laid-back cats with just the softest of fur. I wonder what's with that? (oh even though noche and rosie are yakky and demanding that's not to say they are the most delightful cats!)

click to experience the naming of cats from the broadway musical cats!

photos: cocoa and noche, nyc, april 2008.


dennis said...

Dennis has many names. Do you want Dennis to reveal to you his secret name that no one knows, the name he calls himself?

WAT said...

Noche? HAHA! Cute. I'm more of a dog person for sure, but I do like me tha kitties too from time to time.

zquilts said...

Oh Gosh - you're making me misty. Wonderful photos of beautiful "kids". Friday I found out that my most cherished 4 pawed is dying. We have him home and I am cherishing each moment with him -and walking around with red,swollen eyes all the time !

Ms. Mamma said...

Gorgeous. I loved to see this bloom as your page opened up! Awww, sweet kitties, I miss them. I was thinking of adopting a cat but I'm 'ascared' I'd get a pee-er. Any advice?

d. chedwick bryant said...

nice post. pretty cats. I like all my names.

there have been many kitties before me and Dennis and none were pee-ers, but then we all got neutered/spayed and had good vets and plenty of clean litter boxes 1.5 per cat. (oh and we all came in as teeny babies, not older strays who sometimes feel they must "mark" everything since they are so insecure.) Hope that helps Ms. Mamma.

d. chedwick bryant said...

ps. when you're wearing a tuxedo, you don't even think about going outside the box! Tuxies are famous for their elegant manners.

Colette Amelia said...

I like cats, I just don't know cats or understand them. I don't like when they massage their claws into me. I am a little bit frustrated by their indifference.

Now dogs I know and I know they are more needy but they seem to give me the attention that speaks to me...

But my pet days are done I think, and last night even old Homer the cockatiel went home to Wells with Tyler...and the house is really quiet. But I can now go for a jaunt to check out new digs without worrying.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

dennis - I would love to know your secret name, however, I believe in the preserving the sanctity of a cat's secret name.

wat - if I can help with making you a dog and cat person that would be great.

z- I'm so sorry to hear about your '4 paw' friend - I hope and pray their is no suffering. sending lots of deep comforting hugs your way.

ms.mamma - good to see you again! ched's advice is right on. I've had cats my whole life (and always at least 2 cats at any time) and have never had a pee-er.

I do have more cat boxes than cats; but not to the 1.5 per cat ratio.
older outside cats can be territorial so if you get a cat keep that in mind. I used to have change my orientation over the years from having the cats be indoor-outdoor cats to just indoor cats (and living in an urban environment it's much safer!)

ca - perhaps when you are settled in your new home and all comfy you will once more be open to the idea of a pet. pets bring such comfort and research shows that pets are very good for our health!

Steve said...

"Their loins are electric with fecundity"...what an odd line!

(My cat is spayed, so I guess that doesn't apply.)

Beautiful cats!

Dumdad said...

Stunning photos!