Monday, April 7, 2008

home again, home again jiggity jig

spring break is over for the mouse. greyhound safely delivered me to cleveland at approximately 10:45 monday evening (I expect I'll be hitting the ground running tomorrow).

while I was away I was fairly out of touch with the blogosphere - however, I did meet two of my blogging buds in nyc which was absolutely fantastic (more to come on that). I hope I will have a chance to catch up on all my buds blogs in the cyberhood. lots can happen in 10 days! as for myself I was on 'spring break' and my daily routines were suspended.

I had a wonderful holiday. visited with friends and family, walked my dogs off, visited museums and other places of interest, and took a ton of pictures (908 to be exact - and that is after various on-the-spot culling of obvious losers). thanks everyone for the bon voyages and also the sentiments that my blogging eeks and squeaks have been missed (okay I have mice on the brain after finishing a wonderful book - motherless brooklyn - on the bus, the only thing left in my bag to read was a book I picked up for my sweet niece nina called mouse guard fall 1152 - btw, thanks marie for the head's up on this gorgeous graphic novel featuring the brave mice who protect and guard other mice from a host of predators (the book jacket states it's lord of the rings meets stuart little and that is pretty right on)- and annie, if you are reading this don't let the cat out of the bag - the book will be on it's way to your house tomorrow! albeit late, but aren't I always late?

well it's time for bed now! stay tuned this week for a some pictures and accounts of some of my wanders.

photo: bridge shadows - taken in e. windsor nj 5 april


d. chedwick bryant said...

welcome back--hopefully in future we can do a "Kimy explores the Hudson Valley Region" --if you haven't already. (Storm King Art Center (a sculpture park on many hilly acres) Mohonk Mountain House, and Ice Caves Mountain would all be fun.

Steve said...

908 pics -- wow! And I thought I took a lot of photos! (Isn't digital photography awesome??)

WAT said...

I am most pleased with yer grand return mee lady! You always seem to have an amazing time on this trips with family and friends, and this is most wonderful and good for the soul indeed.

A lot CAN happen in ten days, but thankfully no communist revolotion to speak of.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

ched - look forward to the wander in the hudson valley! been awhile since I've been there (we moved from ct in '97 and now most of our trips back to the ny & new england are directed toward visiting friends) your list of attractions sound great fun!

steve - well, the number is artifically high because of the fact that when my subjects are animals or children I seem to take a tons & tons of duplicates to get just the right pic! and I wrapped up my trip at family members and I did a photoshoot of cousin's house so my sister & ma could "see" it since they may never have a chance to visit.

wat- I do seem to always have an amazing time. I am truly blessed! I am of the belief that we gotta feed the soul -- frequently - but don't need to take a trip to do it, unless one believes that life is a trip (which I do)!! you clicked!! on the john reed reference!! (smiles)

Barbara said...

I just checked out your posts on the Philly-NYC trip. You covered a lot of ground! The photos are superb. I'm glad you got to spend time with fellow Bloggers. Can't wait to see you back here in May!