Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
Flow it, show it
Long as God can grow it
My hair

with summer coming on (yes, I know it's just barely spring, but since the last couple days have been in the 70s, it feels like summer) we have had to address tsuki's fur. last year we skipped the annual spring buzz cut - I think we were all still traumatized by the summer of '06 - that year we used one of those drive-up pet groomers.

a pet groomer that drives to your house sounds like a great idea. they come to the house in a van fully equipped to clip and groom your most loved pet. they whisk your animal away to your driveway and voilĂ  thirty minutes or so later, your pet has had a shampoo and a cut. for the majority of the experience, tsuki was well behaved, but then suddenly he decided he had enough. since tsuki doesn't speak english, he communicated this the best way he could, he went after the vacuum hose. the groomer wasn't very happy, but then again tsuki wasn't very happy either. immediately after tsuki pierced the hose, the groomer brought tsuki into the house; she made a curt (bordering on rude) remark about how he ruined her vacuum hose and informed me that I owed her sixty bucks (I kind of remembered the quote was fifty bucks, but who was I to argue, tsuki did go after the hose - but better the hose than her!).

tsuki is a beautiful cat, but he does have the longest hair I have ever encountered on a cat. even though we try and brush him regularly sometimes his fur gets out of hand. and sometimes his fur develops incredibly long, dense dreads. dreadlocks on rastas, aftrican-americans, or members of the 'back to the earth' community are all well and good; dreads on a cat are wickedly bad, and I don't been bad in the good sense. they can be quite nasty - especially on a cats' bum!

there's a animal grooming establishment that ms. t & I walk by fairly frequently when we are on our rounds. along with a name that strikes my fancy the establishment has a couple store cats we like to visit. if the cats are in the window ms t and I stop and watch the cats play (or more likely sleep) and if someone is in but not busy, we might even pop in and say hi to the humans and the cats. the place is called 'pretty coat junction' - I like this fanciful name as it's a play on the name of that horrible t.v. show, petticoat junction, which yes, I adored when I was a kid.

pretty coat junction was such a better experience than the to your house pet groomer. apparently, tsuki was well behaved - at least there were no reports of destroyed equipment or maimed humans, the cost was half what the to-your-house service was, and he's got his summer buzz cut - and I didn't have to try and do it. for the next couple weeks tsuki may be subjected to ridicule by the rest of the pride here on avenue c, but at least he won't have to worry about me coming after him with a brush or god forbid the scissors to attack one of his dreads!

before - beautiful tsuki, but on close inspection one will find his fur is a mess!

after - tsuki is still beautiful, but temporarily he will look like a naked mole rat with a fluffy cat head!

click for a vid of the hair song (1979)


mzjohansen said...

Ah ! The good memories of Broadway !
Tsuki will be grateful. We are thinking doing this to our Sammy this year. Yesterday and today howver, it has been snowing !

Anonymous said...

Tsuki will do ok with the new haircut - sun basking can be good for the health, and now the dreads won't get in the way! That is a funny puffball of a head, though.

Sophie has been to Pretty Coat Junction with a similarly positive experience and results.

Anonymous said...

Poor Tsuki! Such a dignified cat to have such a traumatic experience.

jude said...

ha! i had a cat like this once...appropriately named 'fuzzles'. she had the same problem. looks like they will fall over, so top heavy. i believe it must be a relief somehow. makes me want to shave my head!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

tsuki has fully recovered from the ordeal. in fact he is reveling in his new lightness of being - alternately jumping about like a kitten or seeking f or I out so he can bathe us (yes, he is an odd one).

perhaps he's feeling a bit like a ballet dancer - along with his head, his legs were spared the clippers and it looks as if he's wearing legwarmers!

Bobby D. said...

Tsuki looks like a cartoon character in the after pic!!!
he will be glad...
I know from experience that after a day or so the pet feels so much better without the matted hair --even though people keep laughing at them for a while.

Bobby D. said...

oh, you already said that--well, nevermind!

Cergie said...

Once I took a picture of a cute dog wearing a knitted red coat on a barge. Hr was looking at me so kindly with his hair on his eyes. Last day i went at the same place. On the same barge, I saw a dog, tiny, thin without hair. Without coat. He was no more kind. He growled at me.
What a difference, just because of some hair

Barbara said...

Great song and great cat and great little girl!

Steve Reed said...

I bet that cat feels a lot better now! :)