Monday, March 24, 2008

you turn me on I'm a radio

this morning's post may be a bit heavy on pictures and light on words since I have a busy morning (and busy week) ahead. I'll be heading off for my wander at the end of the week; I am ready! I do hope things are blooming over on the east coast. here on the north coast, there's more snow in the forecast. spring, you say? I am repeating: spring is here, spring is here!

I hope everyone had a good weekend, mine was great. any time live music is part of my overall plan, I find my 'are we having fun' quotient is increased substantially. on saturday lin and I headed to columbus for a cowboy junkies concert at the southern theater. they were great! although I've loved their music for years, this was the first time I've attended one of their concerts. lin, on the other hand, is the cowboy junkie equivalent of a 'dead head' - I guess we could say she's a cowboy junkies junkie! I think she said she's seen the group at least forty times in the last twenty years. now that's a serious fan. but then if neil, joni, or bob played small venues like the cowboy junkies do, I might have become a head of some type too. well, I was like that with the oysterband when we lived in connecticut - but then they quit touring the usa. but I see they are finally touring in canada - I wonder if f is up for a quick trip to toronto the week after I get back on my wander? I guess you can say we are jdg heads, every time jimmie plays within striking distance, we're there.

hey speaking of dead heads, did you know that satellite radio has a channel that is grateful dead music 24/7? I didn't know that but then again I've never paid much attention to satellite radio. as far as the radio goes I pretty much stick to npr and a couple of the local college stations. but lin has sirius in her car - it was part of the enticement package when she bought the car so she gets it free - along with an all grateful dead channel, can you believe there's actually a nascar channel - all nascar, all the time - seriously! no wonder the country is going down the tubes! when the number one sport in a country is nascar (I don't know if this is true; but last night at dinner, when I went on a rant about the nascar channel, e and t quickly put me in my place and accused me of being a snob - didn't I know nascar is the most popular sport in america? shit, no wonder we have an idiot president who wages war for oil, when the great masses are clammering to watch, hear and wager on a bunch of guys burning up our precious fossil fuels in jacked up cars. okay, I am a snob and I definitely do not understand the attraction. as far as sports go, give this mouse baseball and college basketball -- go huskies! - uconn women bb that is!!).

the other wonderful part of the weekend was sunday dinner. since sunday was easter we enjoyed a slightly larger gathering for our traditional 'sunday dinner.' in addition to the usual 4, ms t and her parents and lin joined us for family dinner. we were fairly traditional this year since f's buddy gave him a ham as an easter gift. we had plenty of yummy vegetable sides along with my homemade mac and cheese (here's the recipe I use), which all the boys love, we also had another dish involving pork products - scotch eggs. f and t have been talking about making these things for years and finally this easter they decided to go for it. emma made a cheesecake (yes, from scratch) that was to die for!

of course between the scotch eggs, cheesecake, and all the chocolate that ms t's mama brought over everyone is now going to have to go on a fast in order to be able to wear their normal clothes again. I don't have the cheesecake recipe, but emma did mention that it required 5 packets of cream cheese. oh I didn't mention, lin has been trying to eat vegan recently - well, sunday really railroaded those plans - sunday's dinner was a bit heavy in the dairy and meat departments. I'll end this post with a slide show of the production of making scotch eggs - and let me say it was a production. but it was fun and surprising they were delicious!

oh, so much for being light on words this morning - I guess I got carried away!

in 1923 alice paul and the national women's party first proposed an equal rights amendment (ERA) to eliminate discrimination on the basis of sex. in 1972 the equal rights amendment (ERA) was finally passed, but congress failed to ratify it. in 1977 thousands of women marched in washington d.c. on women's equality day to support the ERA. okay, it's over thirty years later, we still don't have an equal rights amendment. and when was the last time you have even heard it discussed?


Colette Amelia said...

What a feast! Now I have to say those oil sucking fast cars do have a certain ability to leave me spellbound and on a lovely day going for a drive (fast) on the highway with the music blaring is as close to total freedom as I think...but then again at what costs?

love the picture of the gang at the table!

R.L. Bourges said...

yummy-looking, all of it. I also loved seeing the gang at the table and the artwork on the walls.
btw, I have an Indian recipe for hard-boiled eggs that's somewhat reminiscent of the Scottish eggs. No sausage meat, obviously, but the eggs are dipped in a chickpea flour batter flavored with garam-masala (a mix of spices) and fried. Also pretty yummy!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

It's better when you get carried away with words: more for us to read :)
That sounded like a fabulous dinner.

Steve Reed said...

With that title, I thought you were going to tell me you saw Joni live. I was about to be VERY jealous. (As it is, I'm merely jealous. :) )

I'm with you on NASCAR. A thing's popularity is not necessarily an accurate measure of its cultural worth.

dennis said...

Dennis likes meals that are on the feast-y side.

jenclair said...

Ooooh, it does look like a feast! My attempts to eat better had a head-on collision with the brunch buffet (one really should try a little of everything, right). We will avoid any discussion trips of second helpings, but I must say the spinach and asparagus were healthy, the bacon and eggs Benedict tasty, the Mimosas delicious! I actually skipped all of the waffles, pancakes, syrups, butter, etc. - but not through will power. There simply wasn't room.

Your book is in the mail to you!

WAT said...

OMG! Look at that all that awesome food!

I promise, I promise to provide you that bean/beef stew recipe as soon as I can get mom seated and ask her to dictate it to me in Spanish and then I gots ta write it in English for you.

It's a big of a process, haha.

WAT said...

BIT of a process.


Barbara said...

Those Scotch eggs may not be the healthiest thing on the menu, but they surely sound delicious! Great video!