Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the way the cookie crumbles

some little clipper moved in and disrupted the weather - the previous forecast of temps in the 50s for the end of the week have been modified. the good news is there isn't a new blizzard on the horizon. last weekend's storm pretty much put a kibosh on various activities we had planned - catching a couple films at the cleveland international film festival and checking out the quilt show at lake metroparks farmpark. unfortunately it's not looking good to get to the film festival this year. I can't play hooky this week to attend during the day - deadlines, deadlines and our evenings are filled. tonight is bookgroup, tomorrow night e returns from maui (!!), friday black 47 will be playing at the beachland and saturday is filled with an afternoon forum and the annual caribbean house party for FEDOPO in the evening. since the film festival and the quilt show end this weekend (or at least this is the last weekend time for both) we flipped a metaphorical coin to decide on what to do sunday - heads, it's the the farmpark - the lure of inspirational artquilts and baby animals is too great! and based on past experience, the last day of the film festival is chaotic and crowded - considering that the blizzard of 2008 inevitably played havoc with last weekend's attendance I expect this weekend's crowds may be overwhelming.

it's great living in a area where there's always good stuff happening! yeah cleveland rocks!

this day in herstory:
on march 12, 1912 juliette "daisy" gordon low brought together 18 girls in savannah for the first girl scout meeting in the united states. the girl scouts of the usa were initially called the girl guides which traces its origin to england.

so this explains why girl scout cookies are sold in march!

photo: 3 cat night (rosie, gwen, tsuki) 11 march 2008

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Barbara said...

I love the idea of herstory as opposed to history!