Thursday, March 6, 2008

she's so high above...

according to accuweather today promises a brief reprieve from snow, sleet, and ice. yeah! yesterday started out a bit rough, but by late morning the precipitation stopped and by late afternoon there were patches of blue sky visible through lovely white puffy clouds. ms t and I spent a lot of time on tuesday and wednesday on the third floor where it's nice and cozy. while up there, ms t loves spending some time looking out the front window and watching the action below. however, the 'window seat' is prime real estate and sometimes she has to evict one of the cats from her spot - or as she say 'my pillow.' have you ever noticed how 2 1/2 year olds always preface things with "my" - I have gone from being just plain 'kim' to being 'mykim.' I find this tendency of two and three year olds to be quite endearing.

by late afternoon ms t and I abandoned the coziness of our lofty room and bundled ourselves up and went outside to play in the snow. while ms t and olivia the dog chased each other around, I worked on snow removal - no small feat given that what I faced wasn't a few inches of nice fluffy snow, but rather a few inches of a hard icy-snow composite which resembled concrete more than our idea of snow. it's not surprising that inuit people have so many words for snow. however, contrary to what I learned in the mid-1970s in my language and culture class, there aren't actually hundreds of words for snow, but there are more than we find in 'american-english.'

e made it safely to california, albeit exactly 24 hours later than hoped. she wasn't able to convince the powers that be at work that since she didn't actually get away to credit her with one of her vacation days; responsible worker that she is even battled the weather and went into work for a few hours, while technically on vacation, before heading to the airport. once at the airport only to sit on the plane at the gate or on the runway for a few hours before the decision to cancel the flight was made. man, don't you hate when that happens! but hey, who said life was fair!

today in herstory:
On 6 March 1971 International Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time in London and Liverpool. The demonstrators carried on their banners four basic demands (worked out by the Women s National Co-ordinating Committee): for equal pay now, equal education and job opportunities, free contraception and abortion on demand, and free 24-hour nurseries. The four demands clearly identified the aim of the women’s movement as being to bring changes in the real world. They were political demands in that they were demands on the state, and they well suited the needs of working-class women.

from: t.cliff "class struggle and women's liberation" 1984.


R.L. Bourges said...

words for snow in inuktitut: 52 at last count (including various forms of ice such as your composite) ;-)

Squirrel said...

YIKES! You know how much I adore snow (and I am sure we are in for a N'orEaster before April 1st) but right now we are having a day of spring craziness.

jenclair said...

I had to run get Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be by Lama surya Das so I could give you this quote that I found last night (another serendipitous/ synchronicitous event connected with this book):

The Toddler's Creed

If I want it, it's mine.
If I give it to you, and then change my mind, it's mine.
If I can take it away from you by force, it's mine.
If I had it a little while ago, it's mine.
If we are playing with something together, then all of the pieces are mine.
If it looks just like the one I have at home or used to own, it's mine.

I have a toddler on his way to visit this weekend, and we'll see how his sense of ownership is developing.

Love the photos, Kim (herKim)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

lee- hey, in a year I could be fluent in snow if I learned a word a week!

squirrel - hang on, have you checked out accuweather lately? yikes!

jenclair - I love the creed!! just the title of the book sounds wonderful - I've read (much of) his wonderful 'awakening the buddhist within.' thank you!