Friday, March 7, 2008

riders on the storm

just in case the forecasters are correct and we actually get the predicted 16 inches of snow this weekend, I better finish getting prepared. I have to hit the store and stock up a few depleted provisions; we have the bread and milk covered, but we're totally out of yeast for pizza dough and the coffee beans supply is critically low. I also need to pick up more bird seed - now that the birds are back, they seemed to have returned with voracious appetites.

it will actually be nice if we get snowed in tomorrow, I have a project to finish and yesterday I swung by the library to pick up two dvds that I had on hold - 'before night falls' which stars recent oscar winner javier bardem and 'romantico,' a documentary that blue elephant recently recommended. lin also brought over 'away from her' so I can watch it before sending it back to netflix - I love having friends that share.

but tonight, I'd actually prefer it if the storm holds off, I don't want to miss the brigit festival that s and I have been planning to attend. it's being held nearby, however its perhaps a bit far to walk to if there's a raging snowstorm happening.

if we end up canceling tonight at least s & got a jump start on the weekend by attending a boys of the lough concert last night. I've been listening to this group for almost thirty years, but last night was the first time I've seen them live. their music and preformance was absolutely brilliant. the group definitely deserves to win some sort of award for most humorous stage chatter. cathal mcconnel, one of the founding boys, had me close to pissing in my pants I was laughing so much and so hard whenever he provided an intro. but he wasn't alone in terms of being a natural comedian, dave richardson, who has only been in the band since 1973 and the only english member of the troupe, had a dry dead-pan delivery to his stories that s and I found delightful. his rendering of a tall-tale which had brendan begley being raised by wolves in a cave in county kerry sounded like some type of special bbc natural history program. oh by the way, brendan sung a few songs in gaelic and I must say it was truly a transcendent listening experience - what a voice - he also plays the button accordion and when he played one of those slow airs it took one far and away.


photos: george on ave c; kent stage, kent, oh
images: courtesy of the internet - thanks!


Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

The Personal is Political - SO true and still SO relevant.
Boys of the Lough - just checked them out on youtube. They're brilliant!
Good luck with the cold front. I hope you get to celebrate Bridgid before it turns frigid (oh groan, send the woman HOME)

Colette Amelia said...

This last hanging on is indeed tortuous. The snow starts to melt. The streets and sidewalks are clean, out comes lighter jackets and shoes and then wham a blizzard.

I guess it is mother earth saying a little more snow will be a good thing to refill the under ground aquifers and give all the plants a good root soaking. And a chance to get those projects done...I am really going to have to get it in gear...1 page done and 39 to go.

Ms. Wollstonecraft said...

I do believe "Before Night Falls" has Johnny Depp in a small role-- if I am thinking of the same film it was superb. I borrowed "Compassion in Exhile" by Lemle from Dennis and it was fascinating.
Congrats on your New Yorker sub. Dennis subscribes and passes them along to me. (He's been hanging out with me a lot lately for some reason)

Squirrel said...

Wow I would LOVE 16 inches of snow-- we haven't had more than a 3" dusting that just melted away--and what's with 70 degree temps in Jan and Feb? Not very NY-like. The polar bears hate it too.

March 7th is too early for real spring weather anyway--and NY spring weather is cold rain (or was until the last few years) now we can get a week of 90 degree weather in spring.

and oh the droughts we have had... I'm glad I stocked up on all this Belgian hot cocoa powder --waiting for snow.

dennis said...

Dennis says it's a good time to order a large pizza pie with everything on it.

phd girl said...

Snow... I would recommend a hot rum.

I believe Depp plays two small roles in that film.

am off to check out "romantico"

Thanks Kimy!

Anonymous said...

I got not so many ideas/plans for this weekend. Maybe go to visit friends, the snow should not stop me?

kim yanoshik said...

lee - tee hee!!

ca - hope the last 39 pages went well.

the brigit festival was cancelled rescheduled for late april. just as well, I was not motivated to go out. the snow has subsided but it's darn cold and the roads and sidewalks are a mess from the day's snowfall. they are still calling for snow all day tomorrow - we might come close to the predicted 16 for the weekend of new snow.

no movies tonight - after dinner - where I played around making the mouse version of goulash - lin and I played scrabble - I had horrid letters and lost accordingly - have to start studying the lists of words one can make if one has 5 or more vowels! vowels were my curse tonight.

dennis - saturday is homemade gourmet pizza on avenue c (unless we're going out) you are invited anytime! anchovies rock!!

anoymous - who are you????

WAT said...

Snow. Just what must that be like I wonder since I'm in perpetually sunny California where it barely even rains.

Well, make some yummy food okay? Keep warm as I'm sure u will, and thanks for taking the time to read my most profound philosophical post and giving me yer advice on all of this. It's in our nature as Cancers to think these things through isn't it? And of course, we do share the same b-day.

WAT said...

Oh, and lemme know what u think of BEFORE NIGHT FALLS.

I've been wanting to see that but it looks so damn depressing...