Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the morning after

finally the march 4th primaries are over! the disruptive political phone calls should stop, at least for a few months. it was bad enough in the week leading up to yesterday that the phone would ring at least four extra times every day pitching a candidate or an issue, but then yesterday there was a flurry of calls with a reminder to vote. how could anyone forget to vote given at recent onslaught of phone calls and media coverage! I'd like to know if anyone actually listens to these prerecorded messages? I'm sure a great deal of time and expense is involved. if folks do listen, are they likely to be influenced? personally, as soon as I hear a prerecorded or robot voice, down goes the receiver!

this time the polls were correct - they predicted that hillary would prevail over barack in both ohio and texas - and she did. congratulations hillary! the delegate count still gives obama a lead over hillary 1,451 to 1,365. whoever prevails to become the democratic candidate for president, in my book, is immensely preferable over both the current president and mccain, who has wrapped up the republican candidacy. what is really frightening is that mccain is morphing into a clone of w with each passing day! and any day now I expect we will see some photo op of w embracing mccain and giving john the w seal of approval and who knows what type of weird transference might happen with the hug.

speaking of the current president, well w and darth better not step into brattleboro or marlboro vermont if they know what's good for them (but wait, if they do step into either of these towns that would be good for us!). both towns approved measures indicting the president and vice president for violations of the constitution and calling for their impeachment. theoretically if either w or darth visits these towns they can be hauled off to the pokey. now that I would like to see!

on the local scene our man dennis(!) held on - no surprise there, although some folks thought otherwise.

yesterday's weather probably did keep some folks away from the polls, but I don't think that would have impacted the outcome. on the family level, the weather messed up e's vacation plans. her flight to california, which was scheduled to leave at 5:30 yesterday afternoon, three hours later was canceled. fortunately they didn't reschedule her for a morning flight otherwise she'd have to go through the ordeal of dealing with another cancellation. accuweather promises sun later today, but for now the snow is still coming down!

this day in herstory:
social theorist and philosopher rosa luxemburg was born in 1871 ( d.1919). in honor of rosa a couple of her prescient quotes to ponder:

The high stage of world-industrial development in capitalistic production finds expression in the extraordinary technical development and destructiveness of the instruments of war.

Without general elections, without unrestricted freedom of press and assembly, without a free struggle of opinion, life dies out in every public institution, becomes a mere semblance of life, in which only the bureaucracy remains as the active element.

photos: slide show taken 5 march on avenue c; luxemburg memorial in berlin courtesy of google images and tobais


Squirrel said...

a toast to Rosa Luxemburg!

Barbara said...

I am not a McCain fan, but he will never sink to the depths of W. He is intelligent, if nothing else!

Avid Reader said...

Also not a McCain Fan but agree with barbara

mouse (aka kimy) said...

well b and ms w seems like I stepped in it, probably because I was trying to be clever....I used to have a great deal more respect for mccain than I do now and that is because of his hawkish ways and rhetoric.

mccain is a very intelligent man and it was really unfair of me to put him in the same category of w - who is an abomination of a president (and I could go on but won't...)

however, with that said, I am afraid that he is cuddling up to more of the bush-administration ideas than I would like to see..mccain is also solidly anti-choice (another scary thing when it comes to picking supreme court justices for this little mouse).....

but regardless of mccain's intelligence and whether he can significantly break from the bush administration, I do believe the country needs a democrat in the white house to try and restore some of the standing we have lost in the last eight years. right now I strongly believe that either barack or hillary will do us better both nationally and internationally than mccain and the republicans.

Reya Mellicker said...

Love the spring melt effect in your slide show.

I saw Bush supporting McCain for president. All I could think was, "The kiss of death."