Saturday, March 22, 2008

easter parade

as we know easter is a movable feast, but doesn't it seem that this year it is particularly early? well inquiring minds need to know, to satisfy my own curiosity about the range of dates for easter I discovered that march 22 is the earliest possible date - and april 25th is the latest. so, we are just one day off from having easter be on the earliest possible date and had it not been a leap year.... well.....

that explains the easter bonnet that greeted me this morning when I went out to fill up the feeders:
I never got it together to color eggs, so we'll have to just make do with a picture of œuf dur coloré that I took last spring while wandering around the marche richard lenoir:

tsuki makes a lovely addition to the centerpiece:

at lake farmpark last week we ran across the easter bunny getting all spruced up for the upcoming holiday:

I don't know if this is a common thing, but here in northeastern ohio we've learned that it's quite fashionable to have the easter bunny running around meeting with folks. we saw this sign last week while out on a wander. at the ice-skating rink near my house, there's a sign which states that you can skate with the easter bunny this afternoon. I'd go but I'll probably be too busy shoveling snow and anyway I never have learned how to ice skate, guess that's something I need to put on my bucket list.

speaking of fashion, from the treasure box of old photos I ran across this family picture taken on easter in 1960 in san diego - by the way easter fell on april 17th that year. isn't my mother beautiful - and my brother p and I were quite the cuties too!

on this date in 1638 Anne Hutchinson is expelled from Massachusetts Bay Colony for religious dissent. “If any come to my house to be instructed in the ways of God what rule have I to put them away?... Do you think it not lawful for me to teach women and why do you call me to teach the court?”


Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

oh, you are precious! I love that picture. And the cat tiptoeing through the tulips, too. But...skating with the Easter Bunny? In Québec, if would be more like sugaring off with the snowshoe hare. Meanwhile over here in Graulhet, the gorgeous spring has turned to cold, cold rain - sniff. It will be a "Pâques aux tisons" (Easter by the fireplace.)
But it's spring, kimy. repeat after me: It. Is. Spring!

Michael Rawluk said...

The eye in the tulips is wonderful and what a gorgeous family. You are a cutie.

Steve said...

What a great picture! You all look great, though I must admit I've never quite understood the fur animal thing (my relatives wore them too).

Funny -- for some reason I never even thought about coloring eggs this year, and usually I do a batch just for the heck of it. Somehow it got past me! (Probably because the day came early!)

I definitely hope to see you when you pass through town. I'll be in touch!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I love that last photo. You're mother is gorgeous. You and brother P are adorable, and I especially love his madras jacket.

lettuce said...

you all look beautiful kimy!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

lee - it's spring. I'm reapeating and the snow is melting!!!

mr- tsuki & gwen are both quite fond of nibbling on tulips along with trying to be a tulip!!

s - I too like to color eggs. definitely the early easter messed up that ritual! re th dead animals.... a sensitive child I was always quite frightened of that fashion statement... and of course today find it just plain evil (well, okay that's a little strong, but you get the point!). look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person!

jt - bro paul was quite the little gq model!

lettie - ;)

d. chedwick bryant said...

You are a beautiful girl, kimy! a real sunbeam!

dennis said...

Dennis wants to know if them eggs is edible. Dennis thinks the picture is pretty.

Barbara said...

I love the family picture. What sort of fur was your mother wearing? It was all so popular back then.

WAT said...

What a lovely picture! Such photogenic people!

Such class! BEFORE THE REBELLION OF THE 1960s!!!