Monday, March 10, 2008

bound for glory

both days after what will be probably be known as the blizzard of 2008 have dawned sunny and bright. the forecast for the week is for temperatures above freezing, getting into the 50s by the end of the week. this probably means that the great snow will give way to the great flood. just mother earth working to recharge area aquifers and get water levels of lakes and rivers back to normal.

the weekend's snowstorm provided me ample time to watch the small pile of dvds I had sitting around (and work on my muscle tone as I helped in the effort to relocate the ton of snow on the house's driveway and walkways) - the four films I watched were all winners listed in order of my viewing:

away from her
- julie christie gave a powerful performance as a women affected with early onset alzheimer's. although the particulars vary the story of fiona is all too familiar - 24 million people worldwide are afflicted with alzheimer's diesease. a cruel disease indeed - for everyone.

before night falls - this movie, starring javier bardem, is based on the memoir of cuban poet and writer reinaldo areanas. another powerful and heartbreaking story - find it if you can. along with bardem, the movie includes performances by johnny depp. he has dual roles, both minor but critical - however, don't expect seeing depp right away, neither character appears until well past the midpoint of the film. sean penn is also in the movie, but he is so well disguised I didn't realize he was in it until I read the end credits.

continuing the theme of heartbreaking and sad stories, the next film I watched was the documentary romántico. the film focused on mexican musician carmelo muniz sanchez who valiantly tries to make a better life for his family - primarily to improve the life opportunities for his two daughters. the film is very poignant and creates a beautiful and touching portrait of carmelo. it compassionately captures some of the myriad of personal and political issues surrounding the immigration experience and so-called immigration debate.

I ended the blizzard film festival with the short documentary the internationale. this little (30 minute) film takes us around the world and weaves the amazing story of one song. the song was written in 1870 during the paris commune to inspire and empower the oppressed and exploited french masses. in the one hundred and thirty-plus years of this song's life, and it is truly alive, it has become a siren call for people struggling in nearly every nation of our little planet - from france to the workers movement of the united states to the russian revolution to tiananmen square to jamaica to the philippines - and it's journey is ever onward and upward as it is sung to realize:
The international ideal,
Unites the human race.

this date in herstory:
harriet tubman died 10 march 1913 -

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
Harriet Tubman (1820-1913), abolitionist, humanitarian, conductor on the underground railroad


lettuce said...

that snow drapery is just amazing!

John Eaton said...

We'll send the Southern squirrel posse up there with some flowers, Kimy.

The bees are all over the place down here. The big ones. :)

Barbara said...

The one good thing about snow is it helps us rationalize things like watching 4 movies! Productivity gets redefined, or perhaps postponed.

WAT said...

Y'all got really socked with a good one from what I was hearing on TV.

"Away From Her" sounds like a good film about this most cruel disease which I have read may just be Mad Cow Disease?