Monday, March 3, 2008

born in the u.s.a.

today's forecast is for temperatures in the fifties - be still my heart, too bad I have to lock myself in the studio - but at least I have windows, more that I can say when I used to work for 'the man.' today's weather continues the weekend's weather pattern, but tomorrow it's back to winter. ah the month of march! it just might be the craziest weather month along the north coast!

one thing I did this weekend was preview the documentary 'the business of being born' with a few friends. two of the women 'catch babies' for a living, in other words they are midwives. in a couple weeks this film will be part of afternoon program being held to help educate the community about birthing options and opportunities.

as with the health care system in general, childbirth in the united states is in critical condition. in the united states the rates of neonatal death and the rate of maternal mortality are among the worst in the industrialized world. this film does a excellent job examining the reasons why birth in the the state it is in and offers some solutions on how we can fix it. but to really improve the situation in the united states we will have to embark on changing the culture which surrounds birth and change who is controlling how and where our births take place.

I understand the film had a limited run in theaters and then it was just in a couple major cities. now the film is circulating in forums such as the one being held in cleveland on march 15th and through dvd rental portals such as netflix.

this day in history on march 3rd 1913 over 5,000 women marched on washington demanding the right to vote.

photo: cleveland march 2008


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I have been wanting to see this movie, and Adam doesn't understand what I mean when I say that I currently find the (future, not impending) prospect of giving birth the way most women in the U.S. do so repellent. I would like to show him why!

R.L. Bourges said...

repellent is the word: it's all about making it convenient for the obstetrician - including inducing labor for "important" reasons such as not interfering with a scheduled game of golf...(a real story, not mine but a friend's.)

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad this movie was made. can't wait to see it! i was present for the birth of my best friend's child --- at home with a midwife. one of the most profound experiences of my life. (okay, i wasn't in the room with her --- that was her husband & midwife; i was in the another room with her other child ... but the intensity, the sounds, the life of that morning ... speechless.)