Thursday, February 28, 2008

chains of thought

I need only begin with a subject that I fancy, for all subjects are linked together.
Michel de Montaigne, french philosopher (b. février 28 1533-1592)

this morning I was having a difficult time figuring out what to post, I woke up with too many ideas and they were all linked together. then I ran across a mention that it was michel de montaigne's birthday and I remembered one of my favorite de montaigne quotes, which opens chris chester's moving memoir providence of a sparrow: lessons from a life gone to the birds. when I first read came across the quote I thought "ah, today's ecology maxim 'all things are connected' is can be found within the writings of a sixteenth century french philosopher - go figure."

other ideas that were tumbling around my noggin included: following up on yesterday's mention of pete with a post about woody guthrie's great song, this land is your land since it was written in february of 1940. there's only one more day left in february. or perhaps I should post about all this beautiful snow. last night while reading when the moon is full to ms t, I was reminded that february's moon is sometimes considered as the 'snow moon.' the book notes that among many native american tribes, february was considered the snowiest month and hence the name for the full moon. in terms of this year's winter season, february has been the snowiest month in these parts.

so here you have a few of my fits and starts for today's post. but as february is slipping away, so is my blogging time. today's work waits for no woman. so I'm off! this morning's task to finish my block for the safe motherhood quilt project and get it off to ina may!

remember - synchronicity lives or would that be serendipity?

photo: rocky river reservation, 16 february 2008


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Ah yes, all subjects and all things are indeed connected :-) Love your photos in this and the post below - all that snow and here the leaves are slowly starting to turn brown.

Steve said...

A terrific illustration of connectivity! This has been our snowiest month, too...those Native Americans know what they're talking about.

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

serendipity and connectivity - both! but here the snow is coming from the wild fruit trees already starting to drop their first petals. So I bring you good tidings from Montaigne country*: spring will also come to North America. Soon.

* we drive by Montaigne's Library Tower every time we visit my husband's relatives in the Bordeaux region. Yes, I will stop some day and take pictures.

Cergie said...

I like this landscape. At that moment of the yera the lighting is really special and trees seem so beautifull

TheElementary said...

Absolutely, everything is connected. That's why stories are so fascinating. You made a great post while wondering what to post about!