Friday, January 11, 2008

if cars could talk

'free car'
a. the owner is so mortified to drive a taurus he/she issues a disclaimer
b. the owner is rubbing our noses into the fact that he/she didn't have to buy this car
c. open the door, keys are in the ignition and drive it away
d. none of the above here's the real scoop____________________

and we are all happy that you are! and grn is bl with a bit of yllw


Unknown said...

That is an absolute scream. Both of them.

Unknown said...

Brilliant - and I M GRN might also mean I hv bg :-)


Dumdad said...

I wonder if anyone will take up that offer of a free car?

Bobby D. said...

we see a lot of weird plates here-- My license plate holder says: "find it at your local library."

2 chp 4 msg pl8t