Monday, January 7, 2008

gettin' down to business

I'm happy to report that as of today my internal calendar and the external calendar have almost caught up! there's still a little disconnect, but it's totally inconsequential. today has felt like the 'official' start of the new year -and it is january. how amazing is that! like for many others, today was the first day of a 'regular' full week after 'the holidays' (at least holidays as defined by those of us with a western pagan-judeo-christian orientation). the last two weeks were a bit strange with christmas and new year day falling on tuesdays. today was my day to reconnect with 'reality' and to get down to business. this morning I accepted that the organization of my work spaces which began last week was now 'good enough', I finished one quilt project (for a baby born in december! I'm sorry little marcos), and am settling into my altered and a bit more organized workspaces and starting some new projects. overall I feel very refreshed and renewed. a good way to start a new year.

this evening marks another first - as this is my first post utilizing my new computer. this computer was a gift from two incredibly generous fairy-godsisters. l & m bestowed this beautiful machine during the season of giving! thank you - I can never adequately express my gratitude nor can I ever repay such generosity! this new baby is AMAZING!! the screen! the memory available! the speed!

speaking of memory, a picture says it all - check out the difference in space available - screen on left old computer (color blue represent space used) screen on right new computer (color pink represents space available) . my sweet f did a heroic job over the weekend installing the camera software on the new computer, networking the two computers, and preforming all sorts of other technical mumbo-jumbo (when it comes to left brain right brain skills we compliment each other wonderfully) he's still working on trying to get at least one of the myriad of printers laying around operational - and I am hopeful that it won't be long until he conquers that challenge.

the home office now sports two computers - f and I no longer have to compete or take turns venturing into cyberspace or working on various computer-based activities.

since I posted a photo of one workspace here's a photo of my other workspace - which also doubles as ms. t's playroom for some of the time she comes over to hang out with me and the cats.

the calendar may have said january 7th, but the day felt like april 7th! above the temperature as recorded on the back porch. the 'official' temperature for cleveland was 65 degrees which broke the 1907 record high.

picture notes: gwen was getting a bit upset over all the pictures of dixie (and other dogs) which have recently appeared on the mouse, she insisted on some equal time! a few other kitties can be found in the pictures of the two workspaces.


Salty Miss Jill said...

Isn't this weather bizarre? Spooky.
Your workspaces look about as big as my entire apartment! Hooray for space!

mzjohansen said...

There are few things, in this day and age, as wonderful as a new computer - to those of us who use them a lot ! Space - ah space. I long for space. Love your work area !

Anonymous said...

you are more than welcome for the computer, we are so glad it's going to a good cause ...

like our beloved michelle shocked would say, "keep on bloggin', yeahhh, keep on bloggin'..."


l & m

(oh my, I just realized..."l & m" that's so shocked, too!)

Reya Mellicker said...

Love your workspaces. I love glimpses into the places people inhabit. both of yours look organized enough to be useful, but with a hint of chaos which is at the heart of all creativity.

It's warm here, too ... strangely warm, but since I don't drive, warm winter days are always welcome. I'm planning on a long walk today.

Happy new year!!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

salty - lots of space in some of these old cleveland houses! space is great, but heating space is not so great - so hurray for january thaws. I always tell folks to wear lots of layers when they visit us in the winter least they freeze.

z - I am a bit spoiled with the space in this flat!

l&m - ;) too punny!!!!

r - ms t is coming to hang today so I expect we will be out and about for most of the day! YEAH!! sidewalks free of snow!!!! the rain is supposed to hold off until tonight. the freeze is coming back soon, so they say.

I too love glimpses into people's lives.... why I love walking and see the world from sidewalk level!

jenclair said...

Congrats on the new computer. I love seeing your work spaces, especially the fabric repository/quilt makin' area. Hope you and ms t have fun and enjoy your walk!

lettuce said...

what a great gift!

and i love the pics, esp your workspace. How i would love to come and rummage and gloat over lovely fabrics with you.