Monday, January 28, 2008

flowers of peace

yesterday I ended my month of muppet madness by attending the last program at the cleveland museum of art. yesterday's program "a better world: living in harmony," featured two episodes of the marvelous fraggle rock, another show which focused on the rain forest and was part of the jim henson story hour, and several really delightful psa's featuring kermit and the gang for that were done years ago for the national wildlife federation. the world would certainly be a better place if we heeded the messages of living in harmony on the earth and with our fellow creatures - and the television world would be a better place if they replaced all the crappy 'reality' shows with muppet programming! I was able to attend 4 of the 9 muppet programs and all were excellent (we particularly enjoyed 'dog city' a mystery film noir featuring an all muppet-dog cast). I had expected all of the programs to be sell-outs like the first weekend, but as the month went on attendance dropped and yesterday's turnout was quite scanty. I was disappointed. I thought because the program was on the environment it would be standing room only. as such susan, who has been my buddy for most of these outings, and I showed up way early to insure we'd get a ticket. turns out it was only hopeful thinking that it would have a packed house and a sell-out. but the upside was we had time for a little wandering before the movie.

although the sky was quite grey yesterday, it was a lovely day to wander around the circle. the temperatures although low were not as frigid as they have been and there was a lovely mantle of fresh snow on everything. we ended up wandering over to the natural history museum to get a cuppa. since it was lunch time and neither of us had eaten, we were lured into ordering a bowl of asparagus-mushroom soup. we confirmed that it was not from a can and it was quite simply delicious! from our table in the cafe we also caught a little of the live animal show that the museum gives each day. an added bonus. dodging some cold dinosaurs we made it back to the art museum in time for muppet magic.

our fun didn't stop after the muppets. at 4 the cleveland institute of art cinematheque had a screening of the documentary pete seeger: the power of song. it was great - or 'the greatest.' I'm happy to report that the turn-out was wonderful - which I found very heartening. the film premiered at the tribeca film festival last spring and has been making the circuit in various art venues around the country. according to the jim brown production website it will be airing on pbs in february. soon after it shows on pbs I expect it will be released in dvd format. I for one will be putting in an order for a copy - this way I can make sure everyone I know will see it. just one more way to try and make the world a better place - spread a little of pete's power and sow some seeds of peace, understanding and song!

pictures: taken in university circle, cleveland ~ january 2008


Reya Mellicker said...

Beautiful pics! The snow is gorgeous and the images convey such a sense of peace. Thank you!!

Salty Miss Jill said...

This sounded like a lovely day. :)

Colette Amelia said...

What I like about the muppets is they are just plain fun! The kids used to get so excited when they heard the Fragglerock song and they would dance! And in all the fun they get their message out!

Rest in peace Jim.

Unknown said...

I've finally got round to passing on the roar you gave me Kimy. Drop by to see who I passed it on to ;)

WAT said...

Will ya look at this Seeger dude?! Another Bob Dylan! I will most hopefully remember to watch this on PBS for sure! LOOKS GREAT!

Make sure to remind me.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

r - thank you so much

salty - twas a lovely day

ca - oh no, I have the fraggle rock song now stuck in my head. ah, what a better world we'd have had jim lived! but he does still live in the minds & memories of many, many millions!

v - much thanks - the great echoing ROAR back to you!!

wat - or should we say, bob is another pete? both bob and pete, attribute the great woody guthrie as their greatest musical influence. I'll try and remember to remind you..... I have marked my calendar to watch the show, probably the only way I'll remember to tune in!