Tuesday, January 29, 2008

bumper sticker wisdom III

between movies on sunday susan & I strolled over to the barking spider. the spider is a friendly tavern serving up an eclectic selection of beers and in the evening a diverse array of music. if one's in the neighborhood, it's a comfortable spot to hang with one's buds. the spider is a visual feast, but if you're looking for food I don't know if there's anything other than bagged snacks. the outdoor courtyard sports an assortment of interesting bits of bumper sticker wisdom. during the warmer months the doors open up thus doubling the spider's listening (and drinking) space.


Reya Mellicker said...

Cleveland is so cool. I've got to come visit sometime. Thanks for the slide show. How I would love to see a pic of you without your beautiful camera in front of your face. Oh well. I guess I'll get to see the real thing this spring, yes?

lettuce said...

eclectic beers sound good.