Friday, December 14, 2007

quality of music

michelle shocked wrapped up her 2007 u.s. heavenUride tour at the beachland wednesday night. the beachland is probably f & my favorite music venue here on the north coast - it's cozy, has great acoustics, brings in some of our favorite singer-songwriters and has to be one of the funkiest music clubs around - not many rock-folk-alt-punk-country places are located in former croatian social clubs! the beachland has guinness on tap (it gets extra points from me for this) not to mention an extensive collection other beers, both in bottles and on tap. music happens both in 'the ballroom' and 'the tavern' which sit side by side in the same building and either room pleases me. if you are hungry food is available - the food is decent, but one does not go to the beachland for it's food although I understand they have a deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the menu. can't you just feel your arteries hardening at the thought of it!

but back to michelle, simply said she rocked - she started out the night by remarking that cleveland was the last stop in an exhaustive and emotional tour and she was feeling punky (I actually can't remember the exact word she used, but it was something which conveyed that she felt spent and drained). however, no sooner said then any trace of tiredness michelle might have had was vanquished. she was rocking on and belting out the songs - one after another - from z to a! she sang most of my favorites - the L&N don't stop here anymore, anchored down in anchorage, graffiti limbo, if love was a train, when I grow up, prodigal daughter- to name just a few. another highlight of the evening was sharing it with our friends s&p and being able to say that we turned them on to michelle.

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