Tuesday, December 4, 2007

i (heart) you

We can learn a lot from dogs. The sweet balm of puppy love can soothe tender hearts. Often the way to inner peace and contentment is as close as a cool tile floor, a rub on the belly or a long walk with someone we love.
Amy Jordan

ms t's uncle is moving into our hood. on saturday he spent his first night in his new home. sunday morning I just happen to look out the second floor window and I see uncle m in front of our house contemplating whether he should walk up to the door (after all it is sunday morning). I rap on the window and wave, uncle m waves back and starts up the walk to the house. I run down the stairs to let uncle m in, on the way down the stairs I think funny uncle m looks like he's nine month's pregnant. I open the door and welcome m in. I ask what he's doing in the neighborhood so early on this cold and wintery morning and what is that he has under his coat?

m opens his coat and lo and behold is the most adorable puppy - shivering and shaking. uncle m proceeds to tell me that even though the house is essentially empty, he spent the night in his new home in order to acclimate his new puppy and new kitten to their new space. and he just learned that when you close the back door behind you it automatically locks. yep, you got it less than 24 hours in the new house and m locked himself out - good thing there's 'family' in the neighborhood - even if it's fictive.

so m, f and I strategize about how to get into the house. m didn't want to break any windows (my idea) so we get out the yellow pages and look up mobile locksmiths. I find one local locksmith, they are closed but provide an emergency pager number. we call and we wait. in the meantime, e comes by with dixie. if e has to work on weekends, she drops dixie off at our house so dixie doesn't have to be all by her lonesome.

dixie and the puppy, currently known as oscar, hit it off like a mother and child reunion. by the way, oscar's name may change. uncle m said that ms t suggested oscar. jeez, do you think my fondness for all things sesame is contagious? I can't believe she didn't suggest elmo! here I always thought elmo was t's favorite furry monster.

while dixie and oscar lavish love on one another, uncle m calls his sister and soon she, ms t, and a box of donuts arrive. our house is full of puppy love and sweet sugary decadence!

after an hour the locksmith hasn't called. who wants to work on sunday morning, or perhaps he was at church; anyway out comes the phone book, this time m finds a big-time mobile locksmith service. they answer and say they will call when they are ten minutes away. soon they call and the house returns to the quietness and calm that characterizes sunday morning on avenue c. but what a nice sunday surprise!


Einar said...

Reminds me of the time I locked my keys in the car . . . in Brazil. Lovely story, so much better (opinion) than the Lies and War and Disease and Destruction stuff. But here is the deal. I am looking for help in Cleveland and the Cleveland area in an architectural history project, so when I stumbled across you, well it just seemed right. Seek and you shal find. Ask and you will receive and all that stuff. But rather than go into all of it here and now, let's talk. Einar

jenclair said...

:) What a great story! Uncle m and adorable puppy, ms t, Dixie, a locksmith (or not),donuts, and Kim and camera.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

There is nothing better than puppy love, there is nothing better than dog love and there is nothing quite like a dog to really teach you the big lessons in life, like love!
Gorgeous post, Kim!

kimy said...

einar - welcome to the mouse. well you know life - a lament in one ear and a song in the other - the mouse has it all puppies, love, and speaking out about lies, wars and catastrophes.

yes, let's talk! if I can assist in your project perhaps I can, and if I can't may be able to help figure out how you can get what you need (since I don't know what help you need/want) based on what I saw on archsculpt we do seem to share an interest. absolutely love the cat with mouse detail picture by the way!! I'm heading out of town tomorrow for a bit. so talking after I get back.

jenclair and vanilla - thanks for the feedback! am happy that you both enjoyed the story. we can learn a lot about live from the animals that we share the world with! xxx

kimy said...

whoops...gotta proofread those comments! meant learn a lot about life or living....take your pick. haste makes mistakes

gayé said...

Dixie, a boxer!!!!
I love all dogs but boxers have a special place in my heart as my first and last dogs were boxers. (And there was no other between the first and last!)
Nothing like the love of a puppy dog!

kimy said...

hi gaye - welcome back! dixie is often mistaken for a boxer but she's actually an american staffordshire terrier and a sweeter dog you would never meet. she really doesn't mind being confused with boxers in fact she has several close friends who are boxers.

WAT said...

AW! Dey're sooo cute!