Monday, December 3, 2007

enough already!

it's bad enough that the u.s. is involved in a war in iraq - a war we know was built on lies and played on fear. despite being built on lies (and thus totally illegal) the war continues. there is a war machine which is out of control

is iran next? let us pray not and let us work to make it not!

the other day a friend told me about a new effort called Enough Fear - it seeks to replace fear and hatred with acceptance and love and build bridges of communication between everyday americans and everyday iranians. the campaign also hopes that by giving the people a forum to express their desires for peace and diplomacy that the madness will stop.

from the enough fear website:

This is a campaign to bring the voices of Iranians and Americans into a discussion that is being dominated by extremists on both sides and bringing us closer to the unthinkable: nuclear war. Our leaders continue to rattle their sabers and spread fear, but we're ready to talk, and if they won't take that first step, we will take it for them. We've had enough. Enough posturing. Enough threats. Enough fear.

Our campaign begins with individuals willing to stand up and say no. This website will collect and display photos of people from the US and Iran (and other countries as well) holding up a hand in the universal symbol for "stop!"

this afternoon there were only 367 pictures posted - however, I expect there are millions of people who pray for peace and say no to war! hold up your hand and say NO!


WAT said...

Thankfully, a new report came out today that states Iran abandoned nuclear weapons ambitions in 2003! God, I hope that holds up and keep our insane government and Israel satisfied into not attacking Iran! It's totally the last thing we need!

And I also heard Billy Joel wrote a new song called "Xmas in Fallujah" and it sounded quite catchy, about the current war over there and all. The modern version of what Vietnam was back in the 60's.

Anonymous said...

How's Obama's war coming along?