Thursday, November 15, 2007

o is for organize

Don't mourn, organize!
Joe Hill (1879 -1915) labor organizer and song writer

I recently ran across an article about a new documentary that just came out on pete seeger - singer, songwriter and activist extraordinaire. the film pete seeger: the power of song is currently showing in manhattan, I hope it won't be long before it makes it's way to the hinterlands.

I have written before about my deep admiration for mr. seeger and of my hope that he will be nominated and awarded the nobel peace prize. since al gore received the prize for his work in drawing attention to the crisis of global warming maybe, just maybe, the door has opened for recognizing the lifelong work of pete seeger. compared to pete, al is a mere pup when it comes to organizing!

pete has devoted his life to advancing the causes of the working person, the environment, peace, and justice (to name just a few of the righteous causes pete has contributed his talents towards). pete seeger has been a role model of someone living a life of unabashed optimism and the belief in the goodness of others. one of the biggest thrills of my 'march-rally going life' came in 1983. I went to washington to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of dr. martin luther king, jr's 1963 march on washington. I remember it was a glorious march with lots of great speechifying and fantastic people energy. at one point I found myself walking next to pete seeger, I was much younger and apparently much more well behaved then than I am now, not only did I restrain my impulse to hug him and gush on and on about how inspirational his work and music have been for me, I also failed to whip out my camera and take pictures of the great man.

in the spirit of organizing for causes that one believes in, a little musical interlude for your enjoyment - here's pete singing with the great woody guthrie's son, arlo - who also has been no slacker when it's come to organizing against social injustice!

O is also for olivia and otis (& dixie) - organized for offerings!

pictures: september 2005 march in washington against war in iraq; no pictures but I found a button from the anniversary march & corrected original post which had the wrong year (ah that's what happens when one passes the half century mark, years blend!); olivia, dixie and otis in the kitchen, november 2007.


Unknown said...

Pete Seeger is an amazing guy.
Here is a little story that has him at the Hamilton Ontario Steel Strike .

Anonymous said...

Love the dog photo, and how you added that as a little 'oh by the way' shot. :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Love the doggie pic!

I always think about Joe Hill whenever I work on my clients, most of whom work 80 hour weeks on a regular basis, sometimes 100 hour weeks. One of them is a labor attorney, go figure. I asked him how it's possible to work a a100 hour week, and he said," you work seven days plus an all-nighter."

When I think about all the people who fought - and died - for the forty hour week almost 100 years ago, it just makes me sad. Washingtonians are renowned for overwork, but I think it's cultural, too.

Hi ho hi ho, it's off to work we go ...

e. said...

haha! "organized for offerings"!

John Eaton said...

Sweet, Kim. I enjoyed hearing Arlo do two complete "Alice's" once, and that crowd was screaming for a third.

Pete is so cool. We had a correspondence years ago, and he reminded me to take it easy but take it.

Where working folks defend their rights,

John :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Pic of the Pups!!!!!! Now who was on vacation???

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about the photo of Otis. I haven't seen her for 5 months, as I've been living in Brazil. She's coming home to DC in 2 days and I can't wait! It looks like she's having the time of her life. Thank you for making her part of your family.