Tuesday, November 13, 2007

m is for Mmmmm

The letter M is arguably the best letter in the alphabet. It sits smack in the middle of all 26. It looks good, like a pair of wings poised to take flight. An L or a Q wish they looked half as good. M doubles as a number. Appears twice in mom. And by itself, makes up the word Mmmmm. Turns out M is also the first letter in the name Meditrina, the roman goddess of wine and health...
-from the back label of a bottle of meditrina wine

I haven't actually tried this wine, but what marvelous tribute to the letter M. I must agree M is the very best letter in the alphabet. I may be a bit biased my first name begins with M and there are just so many magnificent M words out there. I will play the association game. I played this for the letter C, but unlike with the letter C - this time there is a time limit! in one mouse minute here are the m words that melded with my mind!

on my mark, get set, move:
mountains, memories, monks, miracle, midnight, mist, movie, mouse, mole, marigold, mary, midwife, mirror, mask, music, movement, monument, manifesto, mother....

I thought I'd have more but the mouse MINGED!

and M is for merlin
eek! we are half way through the alphabet. I've been having quite a bit of fun, I hope you are having fun too!

pictures: mouse timer, from my marvelous sister (m)annie; merlin the cat; (m)annie, mom and me in memphis, 1963.


jenclair said...

Great tribute to the letter M! Love the Mouse timer and the faMily photo!

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

M is nice, but G is probably my favorite. It appears a total of five times in Junk Thief's actual full name.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis -
I thought I'd post a comment...FINALLY. Mmmmm...what will Z be?

Unknown said...

Marvelous, magical, mystical M - mmmmmm.
Brilliantly done! That Merlin looks like he has "views"! ;-)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

jen - its fun to have an idea that takes me to my 'archive' of old photos and have an 'excuse' to share them.

jk aka gx5....that's a whole lotta g's going on! I took a count on my full name - marykimroseyanoshik - no more frequency than twice for any given letter.

(m)annie - at last - I guess I should have posted a baby picture of you a while ago! next step creating a blog. according to the bbc a new blog is born every second! z we will see....but I believe your blog could have a z in it's title! tee hee

av - ah magical and mystical - two of my absolutely most favorite mmmmmm words isn't it funny to see where the mind wanders to when playing an association game.

merlin does have views, she is a very wise and sweet cat. she's getting up there in years and I'm just hoping she'll be one of those cats that go past 20 (as you noticed I used a female pronoun as merlin is a girl cat, named in honor of merlin stone who wrote when god was a woman....a book, by the way you might wish to check out!

off to N!

Reya Mellicker said...

Mmmmmm ... the Brits certainly love that letter. But is it the best of all letters? I don't think so. I mean, what would M do without all her brothers and sisters, hmmmmm???

mouse (aka kimy) said...

reya - I felt a little bad about making the claim that M is the best letter. but she sure does bring such pleasure even when she stands alone mmmmmmmmmmm

Gary said...

You are doing much better than I would if I gave myself this alphabet posting task. You have chosen wisely grasshopper. Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.