Wednesday, November 7, 2007

g is for gargoyle

there is something magical about gargoyles that captures the imagination. I find it thrilling to be walking about and discover one of these guys adorning a building staring down or out - silent sentries who come out at night to guard and protect their 'community' by warding off unwanted spirits and enemies. although I'm not a 'collector,' I have caved in and brought home a few gargoyles that really seemed to 'speak to me' and all of my gargoyles have names and stories. this guy I named george after george kravitz, my grandfather who passed away when I was a little girl.

grandfather george was my mother's father and we always called him 'dodo' - I'm not completely sure why we called him 'dodo' probably to differentiate him from 'zedo' which was what we called my great-grandfathers. zedo is an often used moniker for grandfather in the slovak communities in which my parents grew up. interestingly when e was born, the first grandchild for my parents, in spite of having lived a life of traveling the world and eventually putting down roots in the cosmopolitan washington dc area, my father declared that he wished to be called 'zedo' by his grandchildren.

but back to george the gargoyle. this gargoyle is by far the largest of my collection that is not a collection. I acquired george in 2003 from a small roadside stand in indiana during a road trip with e. when we noticed this guy was for sale at the bargain price of 14.95 I knew I had just added a new gargoyle to the household. the moment I strapped george-the-gargoyle into the back seat of the car, I experienced a wave of memory about my long deceased grandfather george. even though I was quite young when my grandfather george passed away, I always had the sense that he was watching over me and was one of my guardian angels. I named george-the-gargoyle in honor of my grandfather george who has long been a strong and silent guardian spirit.

pictures: george the gargoyle february 2007 (by the way there were a few flakes of snow on george this morning!) insert: me with my parents and 'dodo' and nana. memphis 1961 or 1962


Salty Miss Jill said...

What a great photo of your family. :)

Dumdad said...

I love these black and white photos - echoes from the past.

Cool gargoyle too.

gayé said...

Wonderful photos, black and white brings me such melancholy.
As for the gargoyles. I love them, but for a very silly reason. I play computer games and the role playing and magic ones I have played all had gargoyle images and gargoyle statues in them. That's how my interest started, and then I started noticing statues, real life (i.e. outside of my computer world).
There is something about them, frighteningly beautiful.

Colette Amelia said...

I am too jealous George is indeed stupendous and $14.95! Great story, Do you look like the man to the left of you?

Verilion said...

I love Gargoyles too and I love the story that goes with this one.

Reya Mellicker said...

I wouldn't try to mess with George the gargoyle. No way! He looks so fierce.

We called my grandfather "Coco" - but I have no idea why. I was very young when he died, and there's no one left from that generation to explain the nickname. Thanks for stoking up a very nice memory of my sweet (though alcoholic) old grandfather.

jenclair said...

I'm among the many who love gargoyles and like this one enduring the snow and cold.

Great photo, Kim, and enjoyed the back story!

jude said...

gosh i love this story. and george the gargoyle too of course.

e. said...


kimy said...

nice to know there's so many fellow gargoyle lovers - like what's not to love!

there is something special about old pictures...even of people one doesn't know - so much history is captured in the clothes, expressions, etc.

gaye- the idea of having gargoyles as characters in a computer game, may be enough to draw me in! tee hee

ca - the man on the left is my dad and word does have it that I favor that side of the family. very observant!

verilion - you are definitely living in gargoyle CENTRAL!! next visit to your adopted city I am going to be prepared and bring a long lens to really zoom in!

jen - can you believe we've had snow already! no accumulation...but snow none the less!

xx all! ;)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Great George - what a lucky find. I'm much happier NOT having snow on my gargoyles tho - brrrr.

p.s. great pics of Elvis too

Ms. Mamma said...

What a lovely post. I used to have two of these same gargoyles on my roof, but I traded them for some electrical work! I miss them.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh I love George the Gargoyle - they are such magical, mysterious creatures, aren't they. And a lovely story about your Grandad too - nice that you've name George the G after him! ;-)

Gary said...

Great choice for "g"!! I am a gargoyle fan and have a favorite one named Irving. He is taken from a building near Gramercy Park in NYC and I walk past him sometimes (it is near my school).

I have several Irvings with me that range from a 3 inch version to one that weighs 120lbs. This is why I loved your book choice "Night of the Gargoyles". I even have one like the one you have pictured with wings. But I paid $65 for mine.

kimy said...

lg - hope you are enjoying all the gargoyles about your new hometown!

mm - how sad, but good to have electricity!

av - thanks ;)

gary sounds like you have a wonderful family of gargoyles living with you! I know 'irving'! know where he lives and in fact have a little replica of irving myself!

have you been to the gargoyle shop on newbury street in boston? it is THE PLACE for gargoyle lovers and all things goth (well maybe not all things goth) but it's very atmospheric!

Gary said...

Excellent. I will have to check that out next time I am in Boston. There is a cool gargoyle shop in New Hope, PA that I frequent. But when is enough, too much?