Tuesday, November 6, 2007

f is for film

with fall comes the return of monday movie nights with the buds. last night we went to see wes anderson's fabulously fanciful flick 'the darjeeling limited' - like many of anderson's films its focus was on a family that puts the fun in dysfunctional! the darjeeling limited focused on brothers francis, peter, and jack journey across india -- played respectively by owen wilson, adrien brody, and jason schwartzman. the expressed purpose of the trek was to bond and 'become brothers again like they used to be' (although I had the sense that this notion of being tight may have been a fiction in peter's, the eldest brother, psyche).

this was one of those films that had me chuckling from start to finish. visually this film was a feast for the eyes - the backdrop of india created a serious desire to cash it all in and buy a ticket to bombay. and then there were the visual gags - I may have wished I was in india, but I was definitely in ha ha land! although most screen time and story focused on the brothers' foolishness, fears, and foilables, anderson flavored his flick with a delightful and endearing cast of characters. I should add that accompanying the brothers on their 'spiritual quest' is a mound of expensive luggage that is both a character and a visual pun of the emotional baggage the brothers are carrying around.

so far I'm batting 1000 with the fall flicks (or should I say 3 for 3) - last week we went to 'into the wild' - an absolutely brilliant film and story about a different kind of spiritual quest. I think I'm in a quest rut - for the film before 'into the wild' was 'in the valley of elah.'

f is also for felines on avenue c --not the best of my cat pics but the most recent and capturing what they like to do most! from left to right: merlin, rosie, tsuki & gwen


Seraphine said...

I saw the trailers for
darjeeling, it looked
like a good film. After
reading this, I definitely
want to go! Beautiful cats
by the way. Hugs.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Adrian Brody is scrumptious. I'm a sucker for lanky pale guys with crooked features.

lettuce said...

this is the second recommendation I've read for this film, I will def. go when it opens over here.

I saw Control yesterday - bleak and tragic, but an excellent film, beautifully shot - and just transformed me straight back to the 70's.

Dumdad said...

I shall look out for this film when it opens here.

Great cat pix - is Merlin cross-eyed?

Polly Jean said...

incredible posts of late!!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

With a cast like that I'm not suprised you laughed the whole way through! What a wonderful mix of actors and if what you say about the characters is anything to go by then it sounds like great fun. Will definitely look out for it, even if it's only (especially) to ogle Adrien Brody! ;-)

kimy said...

definitely a good time!

I admit I too am a member of the adrien brody fan club -there is definitely something sexy about him!

let - I just checked out 'control' and definitely looks like a compelling flick. will have to a watch for it

thanks polly! ;)

good catch dd - merlin's eyes are most definitely crossed!

Reya Mellicker said...

Have you ever been to India? It's worth a visit at least once in every seeker's lifetime.

Verilion said...

I'm going to India at Christmas, so will definitely try and check out this film before hand. Thanks for the review. Oh and I quite like Mr. Brody too.

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I think 90% of my blogroll has seen this film and loved it. Did you see Wes on Charlie Rose a couple of weeks ago. Tenebaums is in my top 25 U.S. films list and the house and family remind me of mine -- actual and created. After the diversion of Life Aquatic, I was thrilled to see Wes back on the right track (yes, dreadful pun). Having been to India and Nepal many times, it resonated even though my first class experiences on trains were never that comfy and my luggage wasn't even close to being so cool.