Thursday, November 29, 2007

all things must pass

today is the anniversary of george harrison's passing.

when I was a young girl in the 60s it was the rage to choose a favorite beatle. of course, being young girls, we always couched this game in terms of the beatle we'd want to marry. george was by far my favorite but I do remember some days I'd say 'well maybe john' .... paul just didn't to it for me - probably because it seemed like almost all the girls just loved, loved, loved paul! ringo, I liked him plenty, but he didn't speak to my soul. even in elementary school soul was important.

thanks wat for the reminder of today's significance. I'll be listening to george today and remembering that yes all things must pass. I offer this beautiful montage for mouseland. enjoy


Reya Mellicker said...

All things must pass is one of my favorite songs. Strangely I felt compelled to listen to it over and over again just before George died. He was a man of strong spirit and conviction - oh - and musically talented, too.

My favorite was John, of course, the troublemaker. Later in life though I realized my favorite "should" have been George!

Unknown said...

Coincidentally, "Run So Far" from George's posthumous album, Brainwashed, just came up on my iPod this morning. Of all the people I've never known, George may be the one I miss the most.

And that version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," the demo with just George and a guitar, is my favorite. Thanks.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I was all the rage of my middle school the Christmas "All Things Must Pass" was released when my grandmother gave it to me early in the season. Every other kid was so jealous that I had a granny so hip that she'd shell out the then mind-boggling $15 for a three disc LP. There was a certain irony in taking such pleasure in a material possession deriding material possessions. I only recently discovered that George wrote the surprisingly pleasant jazz-age theme song to the notoriously bad "Shanghai Surprise". His voice lends itself surprisingly well to a tune of that era. It almost makes the movie look like it's worth seeing. And it's ironic again to think that he'd be writing a song for the Material Girl.

WAT said...

I love this YouTube clip.

The world shall never again see such a brilliant musical group.

I am so happy I got to hear their music, even if they were a bit before my time.

RIP John and George.

Beatles 4EVER...

jenclair said...

Memories. He is still compelling. I remember hearing an interview on NPR done shortly before his death. The montage reminds me of how embedded in my life the Beatles are. Thanks.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

reya - ah, hope that predilection for bad boys hasn't been lifelong, but if it has you've had better luck than most! ;)

len -the synchronicity of the cosmos once again.

jt - one very hip granny! you were one lucky kid! thanks for the link I enjoyed it...but then I do appreciate the material girl! never had the desire to see the movie (even fondness for tmg), but now with knowledge that george was involved, well maybe when if you make it to cleveland we can check it out together...tee hee

wat - they did change the world!

jenclair - I'll have to see if npr archived the interview, would be great to hear.