Monday, October 29, 2007

who are the people in your neighborhood

another week begins... who knows what delightful sights and people I will encounter?

some dogs really have it made.

note to hunny: skip the bunny. thank you very much.

my grant gig has me working a couple/few days a week on a medical center campus. now that smoking is barred from all inside buildings it's very common to encounter folks taking their iv-pole or portable oxygen tank for a walk so they can get in a smoke. for some reason I'm always biting my tongue least I go off on an anti-smoking rant - but then again, maybe I should spare my tongue and go off? whatcha think?


Gledwood said...

Yeah man, the bottom picture reminds me of many a scene I've witnessed in Britain's hospitals... as soon as anyone's well enough to get into a lift out the door, out they trundle, drips in tow... yes, for a glorious CIGARETTE!!!


Reya Mellicker said...

Smoking is so addictive. I'm SO GLAD I never got hooked - wow. Tobacco is strong. The couple of times I tried to smoke it was so powerful I had to go lie down for 10 minutes just to deal with the nausea.

But once people get addicted, supposedly it's easier to kick a crack or heroin habit than to get off cigs. My heart goes out to the people who are so sick but still can't kick it.

My mother was smoking secretly till the day she died. (My brother used to find stubbed out fags in the bathroom.)

Oy vey!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Avenue C! I attempted to email you to get pics of Miss Sophie, but I'm not sure I spelled the address correctly - kyanoshik?

Now that the weather's finally chilly, we need some sort of Ave. C. autumn celebration.

When I walk past the Uni. Hospitals every day at school I see the IV smokers... they now line the sidewalks so that pedestrians have to hold their breath and dash through smoking territory!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

If I looked like that guy, a mirror would be all I'd need to know it's time to quit.

Unknown said...

Being ill, on IV and smoking is just absurd. I'm like Reya when it comes to smoking - never got addicted, never really saw the point, I just ended up dreadfully dizzy. But I know how people do get addicted and how hard they find it to kick the habit - even when they know how bad it is for them.

As for those poor bunnies, hunny, I don't even want to think about it!

Gayé Terzioglu said...

You know it's one thing to be already addicted and not having the strength or the willpower to quit or at least try, it's another thing for governments actually forgetting that there is duty of care.
Smoking IS addictive and it makes me see red when smokers carry on about how smoking is all about free will, it's a decision made... How are young people struggling with peer pressure make such decision with something so addictive.
I don't know anyone personally who smoked the first time and liked it, it means to get addicted you have to go through the phase of not liking something which in return leads me to believe that noone would make such a decision in their right mind unless there were other factors affecting their judgement... /rant off. heh.

Gayé Terzioglu said...

OH dear, forgot to introduce myself. I visited your blog a little while ago and really liked it so I have been sneaking in like a mouse and reading quietly in that corner *points*.
I am Gaye and I live in my little orange bubble.
I love the quotes you have on here, also. Nicely done.
Be back again soon.

L.M.Noonan said...

Oh...that last photo reminds me of a character I use to see in the hospital lifts. He used to take his drip with him to the front of the building, white lipped with pain. One of his hands absolutely black, I thought he had frostbite or something. When I enquired one day…a couple of weeks later; he told me it was a consequence of smoking! And he still smoked? Maybe he was going for all four limbs. Glad I gave it up twenty years ago…but who’s counting?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

welcome g and gdg to the mouse!

cigarettes are terribly addictive... myself I'm a recovered smoker - smoked for 9 years and quit 29 years ago and two months, but who's counting! found out I was preggers quit cold turkey! not a method I'd recommend to young people, but must say, it was a win-win deal for me!

reya your ma's tale is all too common, I expect. years ago I worked with a lot of folks that were once addicted to h and support your statement about what is easier to get off of...

eh gads lm what a story.

yes radeep email is kyanoshikatcsdotcom...will have to share one of the terrific pics of sophie on the mouse...lots of animal lovers seem to drop by and she is a total q-t!!

jt - if I see that guy again I'll pull out my mirror! who knows!