Tuesday, October 9, 2007

twice as nice....or is it five times?

aw jeez! verillion bestowed on me the colorful 'nice matters' award! although we both seem to share some reservations with the word nice (understandable, just look what the urban dictionary has down!) it is quite an honor! and nice really is a nice word, if said in just the right manner, with just the proper inflection. and yes, nice does matter! so in the spirit of passing the joy I would like to award this lovely smiling cat to a few of my blogger buds that are quite nice!

there's jude anytime I'm feeling in need for some inspiration I head over to her blog. it's downright magical what she does with little bits of cloth. and her words are always wise.

john (little bear) according to john's profile he has only recently started blogging, but john has taken to blogging like a duck to water or I should say a bear to honey. john writes, sings, dances, snaps, teaches, and keeps the fire alive and he does this all on his blog!

another teacher whose blog (and I expect personage) is quite nice is gary. gary is a first grade teacher in the new york public schools. when gary writes about his work, you know he is following his bliss. he is one of those teachers that will make a difference. and as a children's literature aficionado 'the bliss' is a gold mine of wonderful recommendations.

speaking of recommendations another blogging bud who never fails to suggest truly 'nice finds' is jenclair. jen maintains two wonderful blogs and both are just among the nicest places to drop in for a visit. jenclair writes with such heart whether it's about her family (who I feel I know), her garden, life on the bayou, books, or her beautiful creations.

and mice are sooooo nice, thus I must include ma sœur souris (my sister mouse). like myself, mouse is another escapee from the rat race. mouse left working for the 'the man' in britain and moved to brittany and has created a whole new life. she's one mighty brave mouse! it's always so nice to pop over and read about 'the commune' and her take on an issue (her take seems to confirm that us mice most often share a certain worldview).

I could go on but it appears that the protocol for these things, suggests to keep one's awards to five! all the blogs I like to nibble on are just some of the nicest places to find oneself, so after you check out these nice places go nibble on a few others you find on the sidebar!


Anonymous said...

hey, how about this, i was just nominated for this by someone else and i was just going to give it to you.nice brings about more nice. my post is in process......i am sure it is ok to say someone is nice, twice!

jenclair said...

Awww, thanks! I'll have to get to this later as I'm on a schedule this morning, but thanks again, kimy.

John Eaton said...

Nice is cool, Kim.

Thanks for the circle.

The gangsta bears snuffle and toss you a hunk of smoked havarti and your beverage of choice,

John :)

Gary said...

Thanks for this! I do appreciate that you selected me and my blog for some kind words. Right back at ya!

I LOVE the book you have on your sidebar. 'Night of the Gargoyles' is such a fantastic pick. The drawings are dark and mysterious. The text is compelling. I remember reading this to my niece when she was younger and it caused her imagination to soar. I have not thought about this book in a while but you have inspired me to dust it off to share with my first graders.

Tabitha.Montgomery said...

hey cool blog you have here Kimy.
May I link you ? Come on over for a cupcake and let me know anytime:)

Unknown said...

This is so well-deserved, Kimy. I was going to nominate you but since V's beaten me to it, I've given you a special mention! ;-) Consider it a second nice award!

lettuce said...

so much niceness to explore, so little time.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

xxxxx ;)

Reya Mellicker said...

Yes, spread the nice around!

Don't know the other bloggers you mention, but I do know Gary as a blogger and personally. He is even more spectacular in "real" life than online. He dazzles everyone within a square mile of him. He is passionate, brilliant, heartfelt, and really handsome!! LOVE GARY.

Oh, and ... he's nice, too!

Gary said...

Gee Thanks Reya!

For the record, Reya had me at "Hello". I could just eat her up!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

children's book in mind:
'"Hello". I could just eat her up!'

where the wild things are.....

Gary said...

good call

julia said...

Thanks Kimy!
Nice is just what you need sometimes, n'est-ce pas?

Nice is also a biscuit to dunk in your tea
and a town here in France that's down by the sea...
Nice is just lovely take it from me

mouse (aka kimy) said...

soeur souris sweet!