Monday, October 8, 2007

no go wahoo!

I admit it I'm a baseball fan...who'd have thunk! I do have a tendency to root for the 'home team' - which isn't surprising...mouse medicine does embrace a principle of 'be here now.'

when I lived in connecticut, it was a toss up as to who the home team was - personally, I sided with the red sox. both, when I lived in yankee leaning new haven and then later when I moved to red sox leaning hartford. before moving to connecticut I lived in texas (1973-1981) but for some reason I just couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to root for the rangers even though they came from a former hometown (DC) and were once the washington senators - perhaps I had some form of second sight? trivia question: what future 'war criminal' owned the rangers?

now I live in cleveland and yes, I love cleveland and I love cleveland baseball - even if they aren't doing too well, I root for the indians. however, I HATE the image of the cleveland indians' mascot, chief wahoo. I find the wahoo image is a horribly demeaning and racist caricature. not surprising I'm not alone; for years there's been a movement to banish demeaning stereotypes in sports. in some spheres this campaign has been successful; unfortunately, banishing chief wahoo isn't yet one of the success stories. replacing wahoo has been a very difficult challenge. to date we have yet to replace the objectionable, grinning, bucktoothed red sambo image - but it's not too late!

celebrate indigenous peoples day. every day...petition and embrace dignified and respectful images!



Reya Mellicker said...

It's great to know you're out there, cheering for your team while being offended by their mascot.

I loved "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin. What a book!!

Looking forward to learning more about your through this blog. The design is gorgeous!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks reya for dropping in on the mouse! I look forward to nibbling on some 'gold' frequently, your blog rocks!

John Eaton said...

Yeah, Wahoo's over the top for sure.

Now, that defending since 1492 would be cool for Cleveland,

John :)

Anonymous said...

So, I had this flash. I have been a long time supporter of abolishing the Cleveland Indians mascot as is. The fact that it hasn't happened is somewhat scandalous. So I was thinking, if I were rich, I'd buy a team (there in is the problem - buying men), and them, say,the Lakewood Jews and then get all sort of obnoxious paraphenalia to spread about. Then when the offended rise up, I'd point out the parallels to the Indians problem. Maybe then there would be some insight. But alas, I am not on track for getting rich (just as well, you say).
So I had another more serious flash. What if the team owners of our illustious winning team (for a change!) were to take their responsibility seriously? What if they invested in American Indian education and sports development so that some American Indians could someday be major league baseball players? And what if promoted the formation of a council of Indian advisors to develop a respectible image, one that could be revered?
Anyway, this was a new thought for me. Maybe easier to accomplish than expecting those MAJOR league guys to admit they are wrong.