Sunday, October 28, 2007

let's go fly a kite

the wind has blown me back home. I had a wonderful week on the east side of town hanging with the 'banks kids on cherry tree lane'. I was a bit worried at first as I started off the week with one of those horrid change of season colds - but with plenty of fluids, vitamin c, and that wonderful nighttime elixir known as nyquil I did okay. I was compulsive about washing my hands and tossing my disgusting tissues in the bin, so hopefully I kept the nasties to myself.

I enjoy a bit of change and it was especially fun to go hang in my old 'hood.' for the first eight years in cleveland we lived on the east side of town, and for the first three just a few blocks from where I spent the past week (well actually 5 nights and 6 days.) I met some really neat new people and feel I even gained a new good friend! always a wonderful gift.

the 'banks house' did afford me access to an automobile thus my wednesday routine with ms. t went on as usual - but after our library programs, instead of walking down madison ave., visiting our regular haunts slowly making our way to ave c; we jumped in the car, ran errands(feed the birds, feed the birds), stopped at ave c to have lunch, play with the cats,and then head over to 'cherry tree lane' to pick up the boys. let me say, there is nothing a two year old likes better than running with the big kids!

felt odd to be off the blogosphere for the week. I missed my routine of focusing on a post for the mouse; and of course I really missed checking in on the cyberhood.

I'm home, back with my dear f and comforted and warmed by the gentle purrs of a cat (or two) on my lap.

a few images from this past week! chim chim cher-oo!


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Good to have you back with us, Kim! Sounds like, aside from the cold, it was a good week. Loved the slide show! The picture of the dog at the window is a classic!

jenclair said...

wonderful pictures!

jenclair said...

Actually, I thought the slide show was on a separate post. Duh.

Sorry about your cold! Don't you hate having to keep those tissues on hand, in pocket, purse, car...

The "banks house" must have kept you pretty busy, but it looks as if everyone had a great time! Glad you're back, though.

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

A great slide show and nice dogs and kids. Through my co-workers, in Cleveland Heights and Bay Village, are slowly giving me geography of the city-by-the-lake. My favorite names there are Mentor-on-the-Lake and Chagrin Falls. Though I have never learned proper way to pronounce Solon.