Monday, October 8, 2007

how hot is it?

temperature on saturday morning at navy pier, it only got hotter - sunday was a real scorcher!

well it's definitely too hot to run a marathon. I just heard on the radio that the chicago marathon was shut down early because of the record-breaking heat and the mounting casualties. one 35 year old runner from midland michigan collapsed while running and died a short time later at an area hospital. an on-line news report states that scores of runners had to be taken to the hospital and about 250 folks needed on-site medical attention.

given the increasing numbers of people pouring into chicago on friday and saturday, we decided to leave sunday morning and skip the marathon madness. we took a leisurely route back to cleveland with a stop at the toledo zoo. we checked the zoo's website before heading out and learned that they had baby polar bears! not much more enticing than the thought of bouncing baby bear cubs, eh? well a couple things on that: the toledo zoo apparently is either in need of updating/maintaining it's website or it is consciously running a scam to lure visitors in with the promise of seeing polar bear cubs.

truth be told, the bears are now a year old, which in the animal world puts them into the category of adolescents and I'd say out of the realm of being a cub. but in spite of feeling a tad duped, I still thought the stop was worth it. one yearling was very active tossing a ball about and frolicking in the water. the mama bear, on the other hand, was not amused or inspired by the heat, she pretty much laid about with occasional glances to check in on her charges and pant. I expect it was just as hot in toledo as it was in chicago. the heat kept the numbers of visitors down and it also made for some very laid back animals. the zoo itself is quite lovely. along with the main attraction - animals, the zoo sports some wonderful old buildings and the grounds are beautifully maintained. to think it all started with the donation of a woodchuck to the city of toledo in 1900! so if you find yourself in toledo with a sunny day and a couple hours to spare head to the zoo.

if it's inclement weather, which I hate to say is probably more often the case, then head over to the toledo museum of art - it's a winner too! which reminds me I need to schedule another visit to toledo and visit the museum. next weekend a new exhibition showcasing illustrator david macaulay is opening! should be fun.
UPDATE: the cats of avenue C

since I'm on the subject of animals I thought I'd let everyone know the saga of gwen, queen of the eaves, has ended! last night at approximately 11:30, f was once again our hero, he finally was able to nab gwen and bring her to our abode! I expect lin will be most happy when she returns home to learn that she no longer is providing shelter to a prodigal cat.
within minutes of f bringing her to our side of the house, gwen was running about, purring, rubbing our legs, dragging her stuffed armadillo about, begging for food and basically acting like nothing happened. last night she slept on the bed and alternated sleeping between my legs and going up to my head to give me a tender head butt and a purr. crazy cat! right now she is next to me in her favorite chair. the rest of my clowder of cats are scattered about the room happy to have the queen finally home.


Unknown said...

Woah, I wish you people on that side of the pond would stop complaining about the heat. I'd die for some lovely summer days (seeing as we didn't have any) and then again maybe dying is going to far. I'm glad you got your cat back, eek. I've also tagged you with a little pressie over at my blog. Hope you like it.

jenclair said...

It was 93 here yesterday--way too hot for October.

The marathon debacle is both sad and amazing. One death and all of those sick people!

The zoo sounds like a much better choice.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

verillion - soooo sorry! I'd be happy to box a few of these days up and send them over to the other side of the pond!!

thank you so much for the award - gosh darned, you are ubernice!

this weekend I though it would be fun to create a kids story based on gwen's recent adventures being the queen of the eaves..since she had a little hole in which to pop her head out of at the corner of the house, she looked a bit like a gargoyle....and hence have already titled the unwritten story 'the cat who wanted to be a gargoyle'

eh gads jenclair -- 93 - THAT IS HOT. moderating temperatures are on their way and the rest of the week is expected to be fitting for october! thank goodness!

too sad about what happened with the chicago marathon - you would not have believed how many people were there to run! oy!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

That is probably a good reminder of why one cat is enough for me. He tends to sleep on my shoulder.

Tonya Ricucci said...

glad kitty is home safely. my sweetie lives in fear of one ours getting out of the house. I'd take some of that heat too...mmm warmth.

Dumdad said...

Gwen has similar colouring to our cat Scabby.