Wednesday, September 5, 2007

peace rocks!

the sixth annual cleveland peace show took place on monday. as the unofficial shutterbug for the event I thought I'd share a few* photos. the day could not have been more gorgeous and the turnout was fantastic! the people have spoken, sung, danced, played, prayed, painted, folded, rapped and biked.....peace rocks!

thanks to all the hardworking organizers of the peace show for creating an oasis of peace and for building bridges and community!

*okay maybe more than a few!


msb said...

This is a great thing. Wonderful slide show. I alwasys so look forward to dropping by your sight each day and see what neat creative thing you have posted. Thanks Mouse

Dan said...

You are a wonderful photographer Kim. And this was such a worthy cause.

John Eaton said...

So many pictures, so much time.

You catch good light,


mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks gang! was a great event.