Wednesday, September 26, 2007

laurels for laurel

The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.
Native American proverb

yesterday I learned that artist laurel burch died, a friend had emailed me the new york times obituary from september 20. I have long been an admirer of ms burch's colorful, beguiling and whimsical imaginings. although long familiar with her work, I knew nothing of her life and the incredible struggles she faced. her entire life she suffered from a painful bone disease, this condition eventually ended her life at the young age of 61.

who hasn't been charmed by one of laurel's critters - her rendering of cats are international icons. like many quilters I have incorporated many of the fabrics she designed into various projects. I find comfort thinking about the children sweetly curled up in their quilts with laurel's creatures nestled along side, magically keeping watch.

laurel burch brought much beauty and joy to our world. despite suffering much pain I learned she lived life joyfully and passionately. the world is a little drabber now knowing she's gone.

pictures: ms t modeling a silk scarf of laurel's design which was given to me as a souvenir from a trip my sister-in-law took to europe. september 2007.


Anonymous said...

your quotes sustain me. thank you. xo.

Anonymous said...

"She pointedly ignored fashion trends, saying her goal was a look that appealed to shy people as well as bold, eccentric ones."

That's such an interesting goal and so true... I was always amused that my very shy, reclusive uncle (who has two dear cats) had the same artwork in his apartment as gregarious, energetic women, from whom he might recoil in awkwardness, buy for themselves.

It's a special quality to attune yourself to the quieter people of the world and to be able to draw them into sharing with others.

Dumdad said...

Lovely pictures.

Fabrics and design are not my thing at all but my sister who lives in Australia has the talent.

Check out her web site: