Tuesday, September 25, 2007

keyword is key

yeah, I have completed the project I was working on regarding 'end of life care in the nursing home' - way ahead of my self-imposed deadline of tomorrow evening - I was done by lunchtime (which was good given that ms t was soon arriving to hang out for the rest of the day!). I may still do some last minute tweaking, but no sweat the lion share of the work is done as far as I'm concerned it's ready to go.
I want to add an addendum to this mornings post regarding my hunt for toons. well I MUST have really been in a food stupor last night when I did my initial hunt and where I struck out. this morning, after I posted "looking for yucks" I returned to google images and I hit the mother lode. I added the important keyword cartoon to the other words "death" "nursing home" "denial" "collaboration." so just to give a head's up - if you find yourself looking for a funny for a talk and don't have anything on hand - go to your favorite image search engine and don't forget to add the word cartoon! (by the way I did avoid downloading any and all images where panties would get in a bunch if they were 'liberated')

I never did find the river in egypt gag but did come across the above.

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