Saturday, September 15, 2007


this week bloggerbud julien of beaucoup d'images is visiting cleveland. it's great playing host and and showing off our fair city. when julien told friends where he was going on his north america tour and mentioned he was stopping in cleveland for a week, the respond he generally got was a big "HUH?! cleveland what ever for!" or "cleveland, mais qu'est-ce que tu vas y foutre?"

however, I expect after julien puts up a few pictures on his photoblog and talks about all the gems here on the north coast we'll experience a significant surge in tourism to northeast ohio.

one benefit to having a friend who is much more saavy and experienced in the world of blogging is the ability to pick his brain about how to make improvements on the mouse. hey, I've turned the concept of outsourcing of tech support on it's head. yesterday along with learning all about google analytics and rgb color codes my biggest blogging world accomplishment was changing the format for my label list - now the mouse sports a 'label cloud' even the name is an improvement! (merci julien!)

well, time to hit the road - first stop this afternoon cleveland's chalk art festival!


L.M.Noonan said...

very cool new look Kimy. The site looks huge- on my screen at least.

Anonymous said...

I like the look too...what fun to have a houseguest with such talents....chalk festival sounds fun...I didn't know you literally meant "mi casa su casa".....he when I'm in Cleveland, can I call ya??

Gary said...

This is so great! Once I finish my school work I am going to get myself one of them there Label Clouds.

I also am looking into how to create a drop down menu for my blogsroll. Any ideas on that one oh master of the blog?

Thanks for the information. Cleveland rocks!

Unknown said...

Hey Gary, you should look here :
The explanations look pretty clear (and it's almost the same of blog as yours)

Guru Julien

mouse (aka kimy) said...

glad folks like the new grey mouse. lmn we didn't change the size (at least not that we know of!) but I did tweak the color a bit maybe that's why it looks like the mouse grew! ;)

laney - but of course!

gary good luck on changing to clouds and the blog roll. julien's next destination on his great north american tour is nyc so if you get stuck.....

Gary said...

OOH, thanks. I actually tried this morning but gave up because I just knew I would screw the whole thing up and lose my blog altogehter. I shall try again when I am brave.

Julien thanks! I will give this a go as well. How wonderful.

Anonymous said...

The Label cloud looks real good..
Thanks for the tip - I need to redo my tags and update my links and about page... I think I keep putting it off because all the research I fear I'll need to do and the aggravation! Ugh!!