Thursday, September 13, 2007

harvest festival

last night was my bookgroup's annual book selection soiree. although I love all of our monthly gatherings this is my favorite. I find the timing of this meeting to be perfect besides having a good time the purpose of the evening is to select the books for the upcoming 'year of reading' - an urban bookwoman's country fair and harvest festival all rolled up in one frolicking good time!

at the august bookgroup meeting we settled on a theme for the upcoming year of reading: 'american classics from the first half of the 20th century' - it was decided that a broad interpretation of classics was acceptable and encouraged - fiction, non-fiction, and all genres of writing would be considered. the gauntlet was thrown and the bookwomen picked it up. we have had many wonderful themes in the past, but I don't remember a theme which generated such interest, this was reflected in the pure number of suggestions offered. what a pile of books we had to consider. in addition to being an incredibly fun group of women, the group is most efficient and respectful. we considered all offerings and narrowed down the original list of almost fifty titles to eleven in record speed with nary an argument nor drop of blood shed. all manners of writing were brought forth - poetry, plays, novels, non-fiction, and even james agee and walker evans ground-breaking book let us now praise famous men. the group settled on an eclectic list including both fiction and non-fiction. the time frame stated was that a book had to be published between 1900 and 1960. for the most part we did pretty good honoring that window, although one book of the books was published in 1899 and one in 1962 - hey, what's a year or two in any given direction -- for what is time anyway? you can see the list of the bookwomen's year of reading by visiting here.

I don't know if it's an instance of the meal most recently eaten or what, but last night's potluck was stupendously delicious. of course I had to try a little bit of everything - including the decadent selection of desserts. in addition to the scrumptious smörgåsbord there was plenty of wine to lubricate the gears of conversation and camaraderie - although never needed, wine is always welcomed! as typical of our annual festival the turnout was excellent although two of the tribe were unavoidably absent. mh was out of town as her father passed away suddenly. the group 'sent up' special thoughts and collective condolences as we marked her absence - we hope the thoughts of comfort reached mh. also missing was joan who is off on a special trip to italy! we did think it would have been smashing to have had our annual meeting over there with her, but alas, we couldn't find anyone to underwrite fifteen airfares and then again the task of coordinating so many schedules, well jeez! we were joined by a friend of f's from maine. I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't a bit overwhelmed by last night's gathering, however, she did fit right in and I'd say she appeared to be enjoying herself immensely!


Dumdad said...

Books, food and wine - what could be better?

Actually, don't answer that!

lettuce said...

i've been wanting to re-read some of these - and will also find out about those i don't know....

too many books to ever read a fraction of the good ones - one of the great tragedies of life!

John Eaton said...

Neruda, stilton and pickle, malbec, one candle, sweetgrass.

Oh, comment, don't write.

Lovely, Kim,

John :)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

alas, always so many books, so little time.

ummmmm malbec sounds good

Unknown said...

The American Classics - aha, that was one of the courses I took when I read English at university back in the days of yore. Regrettably I didn't have delicious food to accompany it!