Monday, September 24, 2007

food glorious food!

I thought I was going to get through the day focusing on my most urgent deadline and not get lured into putting up a post. but we just finished the most glorious and DELICIOUS meal - completely prepared by our extremely talented e. now I'm in a kind of post-meal nirvana and stupor I just can't muster up the grey matter to reconnect with my project. somehow 'disparities in end-of-life care in the nursing home setting' is just not doing it for me. so instead I will savor the wonderful flavors lingering in my mouth and share my foodie joy. one never knows maybe someone else will find themselves in possession of freshly caught tuna.

a couple of e's colleagues took a road trip this weekend from cleveland to new jersey to go on a tuna fishing excursion. e, helpful co-worker that she is, covered their shifts at the museum so they could go off on this off-shore fishing adventure. little did she know she (WE) would be benefiting when they returned. as a thank-you gift e was given three perfect pieces of freshly caught tuna! I don't know where she found the inspiration after a long day at work but she whipped up a meal that is hands down the best meal I've had in eons. she seared the tuna and covered it with the most delicious concoction of avocado, soy, ginger and lime. as sides she made a jazzy asian green bean dish and wasabi mashed potatoes. gosh how in the world did I get blessed with such a talented chef of a daughter!

is your mouth watering??

picture disclaimer - I think I need to work on my food pics - I couldn't decide which looked better - flash (above) or no flash. truth be told neither do the meal justice. but what is a post without a picture!


jenclair said...

Yes, my mouth is watering. Love tuna steak alone, but with the avocado, soy, ginger, and lime...mmmmm! Everything looks delicious, and lucky you to have a daughter prepare such a delicious meal.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

jeclair -the recipe was definitely a keeper! I know I'm so lucky that em lives so close - lucky and spoiled as em enjoys sharing her culinary talents. I know one day she'll fly off to parts as of yet unknown, but right now I'm savoring every day.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have been enjoying your site as well - and love your quilts! I have one sad, very uneven quilt top that I made long ago still waiting to be made into a gift for a friend. It may end up being only hand tied.

Thanks for the welcome to the world of blogging! Feels good to know at least two people have read it now! I shall reward you with more baking and peace on C. Ave.