Friday, September 21, 2007

day of peace

twenty six years ago the first 'international day of peace' took place. established by the united nations general assembly a day was identified in which the UN invited the world community to annually participate in a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. methinks that the 'invitations' must keep getting lost in the mail. okay world, take note everyone mark your 2008 calendars for september 21 write down "no biting, no fighting" and mean it!

although we have yet to actually see a world wide moratorium on violence and war on the identified "day of peace," there does seems to be an increase in the recognition of the day. locally there are a myriad of observances. the network known as 'gather the women to save the world' greeted the day with a sunrise meditation at the ghandi statue located in the cleveland cultural gardens. since I embrace a 'car-free' lifestyle getting over to the east side of town for something that starts at 6:30 AM was a tad difficult, so I told my bud who is one of the network's organizers I would be meditating with them at a 'remote location.' my unconscious mind aware of my promise had me up by 6:15! I noticed last night that cleveland is also taking part in 'pinwheels for peace' which has the tagline "imagine .....whirled peace" which is reminiscent of the delightful bumpersticker I once sported which advanced the message "imagine whirled peas."

yesterday janet fillmore, an editor with 'the plain dealer' wrote a wonderful essay on an experience she had ten years ago during a visit to vladimir, russia. her story demonstrates that the way to peace is one where the idea must "takes root in hearts, one individual at a time." in addition to being impressed and moved by janet's article, I was pleased and a bit surprised that the PD devoted the entire front page of the arts and life section towards the cause and commemorating the day. the paper provided detailed instructions on how to fold an origami crane; a discussion of the crane as a symbol of peace, happiness and long life; and even a square of tastefully printed newsprint where readers could cut out the paper, follow the instructions and make their own crane to celebrate the international day of peace. by the way janet's essay was entitled "Make it Happen: Peace can unfold from the smallest gestures" - sounds like good mouse medicine to me! pictures: top washington dc september 2005; first insert 'one person can change the world' sign trinity cathedral, cleveland; bottom image from pinwheels for peace website.


Ms. Mamma said...

Your blog is so uplifting. Just what I needed.

Dumdad said...

Give peace a chance, John Lennon said in the '60s.

We're still waiting.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

mm -thanks! made my day

dd - but not to hope in vain